The Pychic Feelings

I think we all have some kind of psychic abilities it’s just a matter of wether we are able to tap into it, or not.  I’ve been trying to pay closer attention to these abilities within myself and or weird things that happen to me. 
Lately I’ve been noticing that I sometimes get a physical reaction because of other people’s energies.  I first noticed it a few years ago when I was dating a raging alcoholic. I would get physically hot when I was around him and then a bad tightness in my chest.  I now see there are more feelings and reactions. 

When I’m near someone’s who’s super happy I feel warmth. My heart and my being become warm all over. It’s lovely and sometimes I’m almost jealous of the person because I wish it was me. 

When I’m around a person who’s really unhealthy or dying, everything in me gets guiet. You could hear a pen drop in my head. (My head is alway going so silence is weird to me.) It’s almost unsettling. I myself will go inward for self preservation and become very peaceful.  Which I think is why I do well with people who are dying.  

When I’m near a person who’s really angry my chest will ache. I will feel a very bad feeling all over and my chest will just suddenly hurt, like I was punched. So when I’m around really angry people I do 1 of 3 things. 1 I will leave, 2 I will tune them out so I’m almost not listening anymore because it hurts. 3 (this is really bad) I find them humerus for what seems like a lot of negativity for no reason (even though I may not no the reason) and I start to smile and giggle.  All three techniques stop the chest pains.  

When I’m around someone who is really sad my jaw gets tight. I feel very overcome by sadness myself and all I want to do is hug the person. This one is the worst because I can’t hug strangers. So I usually have the feeling until about 10 minutes after the person has left my presence.  

When I’m fortunate to be with someone in love my heart gets warm.  It almost feels like it gets bigger and I become over joyed myself.  When someone has a broken heart my heart will actually ache and hurt with each beat until they leave. 
Add in my on emotions to my life and you can imagine what a hot mess I must be like?  Oh well, what can I do? Except acknowledge it and try recognize what’s me and what’s in my environment. 

Just another “learning as I go” kind of day in LoLa-Land

Molly Time

I love my Molly!  (Seriously not talking about the drug here.) I have a friend name Molly who when ever I am near her I feel way more in touch with my psychic self.  It’s like she’s a conduit to my inner abilities.  

Today I had dinner plans with one of my best friends but she cancelled to go up to the city for the day.  I found myself without plans for the evening; which is very rare and I was kind of looking forward to being alone and yet bummed at the same time.  When suddenly Molly texted me and asked if I “had plans for the evening and could I meet her for a meal after work?” I was instantly excited, flattered, surprised and curious.  I was excited to see her. Flattered she wanted to see me because she’s a very social being who is always doing things and always busy.   I was surprised because I thought she was still in Hawaii but mostly I was curious to see what would happen. You see, whenever I’m around Molls, things just pour out of me.  

We were sitting at dinner and catching up on everything and everyone in our lives. (It’s been a few months since we really got to talk). Then she started to talk about her new job and BOOM I felt this weird energy shift inside of me.  This door like opened in my head and I saw her years ago at our old company where we worked together. I pushed my plate aside and said, “here we go! This is it. Let’s talk about it”

She looked confused, “huh?” She asked. 

“This is why you called me” I responded matter of factly practically rolling up my sleeves. 

“LoLa I called you because you’re my friend and I missed you.” She said defensively but kindly. “I just wanted some time with you. You have been on my mind.”. 

“I know Molls. I was so Happy you texted but I think the reason I was on your mind was the universe knew I could help you. Now tell me what’s up with the job?”

Then she toId me what it was and what her reservations were and I  proceeded to give her the message that I was getting and I do believe it spoke to her.  She said, “I know all of this. I know everything you’ve said to me is true. I just needed someone to say it to me.” 

She was right.  I believe that we think about the friends we need, when we are in weird spaces in our lives. There’s a reason we are thinking of them. We all bring something different to the Table. For some reason with my close loved ones and friends my physic abilities are open wide. When I’m near them I can see and feel different things around them or of them; it’s bizarre and I don’t usually talk about it.  But, Molly knows and she gets it.  I love her for that.  I love my Molly time I always want more.  

Just another wonderful day in LoLa-Land  

Business Forplay

The interactions between me and my super hot client (I’ve spoke of him before in The Bees Knees),  the last couple days have been interesting to say the least. Not sexual in anyway (sadly, I do so find our banter fun).  Sadly, sex for he and I is just not in the cards. Funny banter is as sexual as it gets. For our purely business relationship, our interactions are our forplay.

He walked into my work the other day looking sexy as usual. 

“Hey stranger how ya doin”? I ask him as I rise up from my chair and walk towards him. 

We meet each other in the center of the room and as he hands me his packet of bills he says to me, “I’m not well. I have the stomach flu”. 

With that information I quickly took one Large step back away from him  and reached my arms out a bit farther so I could begrudgingly take his paperwork. He saw all of this as well as the look of pure horror on my face (because come on who wants the stomach flu); and said, “I licked every single bill there” as he pointed to the pile he just gave me. 

“Great!” I replied sarcastically “now can you leavel? He flashed me his beautiful GQ smile and left. 

Today I texted him, “hey how are you feeling? I hope you’re better.  I was just wondering if you could get the hours to me so I can do payroll?” 

His response was simple, “I will email them in 10 minutes”

5 minutes later I got an email from him with the hours attached.  “Here you go Ms. Demanding”. 

At the same time he texted me, “be careful with the hours I emailed you, I licked them”. 

I almost died laughing but I had to make a quick response (because as I said before, this is our business forplay); I replied, “great! Now we will have to update our anti-virus software”. 

Just another fun with pun kind of day in LoLa-Land.  

Nothing’s Chnged 

Why can’t you Just be honest for once
You have no reason to lie
It’s like you’re afraid to be blunt
Or let someone else be the one to decide

You determine your best out come
Then you let out only the information that works for you
You must think woman are just dumb
Or you wouldn’t do the jacked-up things you do

If you’re going to start something fresh
Why not start on solid ground
What you are starting is just a mess
That won’t be good for anyone around

How does she feel about your actions
Or does she know anything at all
Have you only eluded to some fractions
So she doesn’t freak out when you come to call

Would it hurt her too much to know the truth
About all the things you’ve done she’d feel deceived by
What if she were to come accross some proof
Then your lies would be all you have to hide behind

Have you not learned anything from you and me
Did you care at all how your deception made me feel
You only wanted me until you had your new lady
You need to have a backup plan in case things get to real

I’ve been that stupid girl before
Devastated and yet still loving you
It’s hard to watch you hurt her for a score
It’s more then just sex for her but that you knew

She probably imagines you together again
She probably got her hopes up for what could be
It wasn’t her who wanted your relationship to end
I’m sure fucking her will help her tremendously

Then on the side is little o’me, the one you left behind
The one you said you would respect above the rest
Yet, as soon as your chalenged, it’s “oops you slipped my mind”
Again I’m the stupid girl, feeling like she’s worth less

Keep playing your games with woman
Or just make this other lady your number one
As for who gets you in the end, she can win
Whatever you and I had, it is done 

Friends To The Rescue

One of my friends and I met at the nail salon because my toes were just down right embarrassing. While we were there shooting the shit and catching up another one of our friends came into the shop and sat down next to us and talked to us while they did our toes. We were all going to go from there, to dinner. When one of the girls mentioned the friend who introduced us all, and how she was not doing well.  Turns out the man she thought was “the man” was not “the man” after all but just an angry man and not even a good man. 

So, instead of “dinner out”, we opted to walk to the store. Where we purchased sausages, Corn on the cob, asparagus and a large container mixed fruit. We then all took our three seperate cars over to our sad friends house and surprised her by telling her she had to make all four of us dinner. We also brought two bottles of wine.  Our sad friend was already half way done with her own bottle. So, we finished off hers and then polished off the next two bottles.  All the while, bitching about the men in our lives or lack of men in our lives. 

 One of the girls (the only one of us in a relationship), looked at us and said, “you will all meet your soul mates. I don’t doubt it for a second”.  I did.  I do.  I doubt it all the time. I knew I was helping my sad friend by just being there with her; but, I didn’t know what to say to her. 

She said, “I’ve been single two years, That’s long enough. I don’t want to get comfortable being single and then not want anyone in my life”. I understood what she meant. I remember being newly single and writing about my long time single friends and how ritualistic and set in their ways that they were. It was almost like they didn’t have room for love. I never wanted to be like that.  

Yet, Here I am, single just as long as her and set in my ways.  I have my routines and I love them.  I have company stay over sometimes and it’s usually fine with me to have someone in my space. But, I am happy when they leave, so I can be alone to have my time. Have I become the single woman my friend fears?  Or is this happiness with myself just a good thing? 

But, I and my psychotic single behavior was not the focus of the evening; my sad heart broken friend was. So, we laughed with her and she cried. We declared our self importance and all men’s stupidity. We ranted and raved and bitched and moaned.  It was all similar to when cats have meetings. 


But, we were with her.  We were with her In her sadness. We were with her in spirit and in love. Because that’s what girlfriends do for each other. We all helped clean up and we hugged her and reminded her she was not alone.  Then we all left, together (which is funny- odd, right? )  We were like the three whitches from Sleeping Beauty.  We came, we showered with love and glitter, and we left. Hopefully leaving our sad friend not quite so sad.  

Just another Goodwill Day in LoLa-Land. 

A Big Girl

I was at a party the other night and a man who I’ve known for years and who has never been someone I would likely date came on to me. Since, I’ve never picked up any vibes from him that he’s interested in me, I’ve always assumed he felt the same as I did so I was surprised. At this particular party I looked unusually “hot” and I felt his energy shift towards me at some point. However, let me fill you in on some back story.  This poor guy had a rough night. The woman he loves was there on another date and yet she came with him and not the date. I could feel and see his anger and sadness.  I think his finally noticing me was more out of desperation and lonliness then because he really liked me. 

“You know I’ve never been with a big woman before” he said to me as he stood extreamly close to me. His lips a few inches from mine. 

“Are you serious” I asked him?  “Did you just try to flirt with me by implying that I’m a big woman”?

“Well..” He shrugged and looked me up and down.  “You are bigger than me”? Was his response. 

I laughed, “yes! Yes I am” I said to the 5’8 150 lb, 50 something year old man. “I could probably kick your ass. But man, you could have handled that pick up better.  I’m not big. I’m a woman of substance.”

“You are sexy as hell” he said to me. 

“That’s better”, was all I was thinking but I was still not interested and even more so now, because I knew he just needed companionship; He didn’t care from where and I’m not that girl. I still had to get him back for his bad come on.  

“You think I’m sexy” I asked him getting even closer. 

“Oh god yes” he responded

“Then you should see me naked.  My body is sexy as hell when I’m naked.” I teased. 

He let out a moan then puckered his lips and closed his eyes. I was laughing in my head at him.  How drunk and silly he was being. I felt sorry for him. So I leaned in the inch or so and gave him a peck on his lips and then I walked away. 

I hope the next day was better for him. I hope he and his love work their stuff out. For his hearts sake, I hope they figure it out soon. 

Just another big day in LoLa-Land

Hidden Talents

Went to my friends half birthday party last night.  Half, as in their birthday is in exactly 6 months and these gals use any reason they can to have a party (which is why we all get along so well). The drinks started poring at 3pm and I was drunk and sobered up a few times before I finally came home today. 

There was this man who showed up late and when he walked in he had a certain look to me. A mystery about him.  He looked like a cross between Elvis and Johnny cash. He was sporting these huge dark shades, jean jacket and wavy black hair.  His name is Jamie. After he had been there an hour and having not spoken to him yet, I struck up a conversation with him. I was walking with him down some stairs and kept getting the feeling in my gut that he was a musician.

 “What instrument do you play? I’m getting a total musician vibe from you” I said to him. 

“Really?” He laughed “I just finished a gig before I came here.  I’m a songwriter, singer and guitar player”. 

“That’s fucking hot” I replied. 

He laughed, “well maybe later I will pull out my guitar and play for you all” he said.  

“Ok” I said like an excited 5 year old. I adore live music and love when people feel they can just break out in song and display their craft.  I am always so impressed they are not to scared to put it out there.  

Later he did pull his guitar out and played for us while making us sing along.  He has a beautiful voice and has really uplifting sweet lyrics to his songs.  I totally enjoyed his inpromtu performance.

 When he was done he turned to the few of us who sat to the right of him and said “you sounded really good, a few of you can really sing.”  Then my friend David who was sitting next to all of us, said to me “LoLa! I didn’t know you could sing like that”.  I thanked him and got up and walked away.  When it comes to singing I get so incrediby bashful. 
Jamie only stayed a little while and was gone with the night but his music stayed in our souls and we all just kept singing because of him.  I was so lubricated  from alcohol and feeling accepted from previous words of encouragement around my singing; so, I just kept singing too.  It felt good to share my voice with my friends.  At some point I wasn’t scared and felt more free.  When a few of my friends left they told me I had a beautiful voice and I was so honored.  

When Jamie left I so badly wanted to slip him my number. Not because he was hot but because I wanted him to read my poems. I wanted to suggest we work together on something. I think our words and our voices would pair well together.  But, I’ve never done that before and I wouldn’t want to disappoint anyone by being such a novice.  So, instead I write to my blog about it with disappointment in my heart and feelings of another missed opportunity.  But, I still had an amazing time last night. 

Just Another crazy day in LoLa-Land

Dinner Conversation 

As usual my day just wouldn’t be complete without Some totally obscure event or conversation taking place.  So, I was at Outback with my girlfriend having a completely gluttonous meal when she suddenly asks me a question. 

“LoLa, do you know a Head Doctor”? 

I was surprised she was asking me but I was honest. “Well, they have doctors available through my insurance but I have a lady I’ve seen off an on for years who’s really ni…..” I stopped talking because my friend was cracking up.  

“No! No!” She says still laughing, “a HEAD doctor”. 

I looked at her confused. I thought the other name for a therapist was a head doctor. What is she talking about. Then I remembered she works with roses for a living. 

 “Oh do you mean for like your plants? Like dead heading?  Do they have doctors for that? Are your plants sick?” 

Again my friend is sitting there cracking up. 

“You don’t know what it means” She kind of half tells me, half asks me.  “My boyfriend said you of all of my friend would know what it means. Because I had never heard of it before.”

I replied,”I have no idea what you are talking about. But I…”

“Come on LoLa think about it, HEAD DOCTOR, she says looking at me with that all knowing look. 

“Is the Head Doctor have something to do  with blowjobs”? I ask?

She shook her head yes, “it’s someone who loves blowjobs. I knew you wouldn’t know. I didn’t know!”

We just laughed and then I asked her, “so are you one?”  

“I didn’t used to be” she replies with a glimmer In her eye. 

” ‘Used to be’ implies a tense, as in ‘past’, which means that now maybe you are a Head Doctor?” I sort of half asked, half told her.  She just smiled. 

I have the best friends.  I never know what’s going to happen or be said next. 

Just another quite meal in LoLa-Land

Doing It Tracy’s Way

Today was probably one of the craziest days I have ever had and I enjoyed every single moment of it. My friend Tracy invited me to her house for cocktails and then said we could walk to the fairgrounds and bet on the horse races.  This of course, all sounded like a lot of fun to me so I said, “totally! Let’s do it”!  

When I showed up at Tracy’s house she was already two drinks ahead of me. We made up a pitcher of stiff pina colodas and within in an hour I drank three glasses full and was feeling very …..good.  While we drank she decided she wanted to paint my toe nails.  So, we sat In The back patio and drank, while she painted my toes. When she was done we walked over to the fairgrounds (which turned out to not be the best decision for my toes). 

We went straight to the horse races when we got to the fair.  She had pre-purchased two seats for us in the grandstand.  We bet on four races where I lost a total of $12.00 (yes I’m a big gambler). Tracy and I watched the horses before hand and speculated on who would win and why (pretending like we knew what we were talking about). Finally on the seventh race I bet on two horse to win or place, breaking the bank and betting another  $12.  Both my horse came in and I won a wopping $14.00!!  I lost $10 in two hours and had the best time doing it. 

We left the races at this point and grabbed some food. Which was of course very expensive and horrible for my body, yet so damn good. We sat and listened to some blues and then decided to go over to the rides.  It was a braclet day which means you pay one large price but you can ride all the rides as many times as you want.  Tracy was super excited to ride one particular ride that required closed toe shoes. She and I were both wearing flip flops. But, Tracy really wanted to ride this particular ride.  So, she approched this girl who’s Boyfriend wanted to ride the same ride but she didn’t, and asked her if she could rent her shoes?  The young girl actually agreed to it. So, Tracy and this girls boyfriend went on the ride while the two of us open toed shoe girls stayed on solid ground.  I could not stop laughing. I thought the whole thing was hysterical. 

Tracy in the strangers shoes

Tracy apparently also had a thing for taking photos of herself doing inappropriate things to objects, chairs, sculptures, ornamental items etc. she came across this statue at the fair and demanding I take a picture of her.  Just as I hit the button to snap the photo she posed.   Here’s the shot she wanted. 

I again, found myself cracking up.  All I kept thinking was, “this girls crazy. And I’m loving it!”

After just a few rides I was sick and needed to walk around and get some water. Apparently, middle age, alcohol and spinning rides don’t mix.  Tracy and I decided to do some retail therapy and check out the new must have’s in the “merchant” pavilion.  It’s basically all the stuff you see sold on TV, for sale in one big warehouse. You can get anything from Jewlery to hot tubs, candy to alarm systems. I’ve always walked by most vendors without stopping or talking because I’ve never needed a $6000.00 vibrating recliner. But Tracy, jumped into each and every chair she could find to try them out and I followed suit. Those were some of the best damn massaging chairs I have ever been in. Then she made us lay on the vibrating bending mattress that only cost $10,0000.  There we laid in this amazing mattress with people walking all around us and all I could do was giggle. 

I have to say going with Tracy was probably the best time I have ever had at the fair in my life and this was probably my 30th visit to the fair.  We spent hours there and left only an hour before closing.  When we walked home in the darkness and we were both freezing because the sun that warned us all day was now gone. Funny enough, My body didn’t even ache a bit like it normally would when I left the fair.  I’m sure it’s because of all  the massages I got in the merchant pavilion.  

Travy and i

I would go with Tracy to the fair anytime. Because doing it Tracy’s way sure was a whole lot of fun.  

Just another funtastic day in LoLa-Land


Place this thin vail over my eyes
Cloak my body in an imaginary Shell
I’m no longer screaming inside
No longer living my own personal hell

I have no dissatisfaction boiling up inside me
No more urges to get in the car and go
Red is not the only color that I can see
Anxst is not the only emotion I seem to know

The buffer between me and the world is wide
Non of my nerves seem bothered at all
I feel very calm and peaceful inside
Times has suddenly slowed to a crawl

I notice all the little birds chirping away
They make me wish I could speak bird
A butterfly tried to get me outside to play
I wished the flap of its wings could be heard

Should I be frightened that this is not me
Should I accept this as the new me I’ve become
Before the medication I felt so empty
Always wanting to just take off and run

Now I’m completely happy all of the time
Content with anything I’m may be doing
You ask me how I am, I say “I’m just fine”
I no longer feel pressures looming

Everything just rolls away from me
Instead of rolling over my head
I’m thankful to be able to be happy
I no longer think I’d be better off dead

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