I was just laying in bed thinking about nothing in particular at all, trying to get some sleep.  When I started thinking about OCD – Obsessive compulsive disorder.  You know like Jack Nicholson in “As good as it gets”.  People with the constant need for cleanliness, and watching out for germs.  Hyper sensitivity to illness and “getting something”.  Having to do things in a pattern, like turning lights on, off, on, off every time you leave a room.  Or not being able to be in certain spaces.  It’s sad really.  It’s a disability.  And really I shouldn’t make fun of the disabled.  But, then I started thinking about people with OCD and sex.
I’m not sure that would be much fun?  Would it all be very structured?  Would there need to be constant cleanliness?  Would we need to be like it is in certain religions, and pull out the sheet couples would use on their wedding nights?  You know the one with the slit in the center.  No touching skin on skin, you might contract something!  OK, what if it wasn’t that bad?  What if sex germs were acceptable but then wouldn’t you have to deal with the repetitive stuff.  Would they need to kiss the right boob 3 times and then the left boob 3 times.  And then stay in a vicious cycle that they have declared for themselves?   And what of these people with OCD who can’t go over cracks?  Where does the Vagina fall in regards to that problem?  Isn’t that essentially a crack?  What then?  Anyway, I was just wondering….


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  1. Emily Loren Moss Ferrell
    Aug 09, 2010 @ 07:24:05

    OMG, laughing at the cracks and the boob kisses.


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