Cops and Ca

We are all aware of the new, “No Hands on cell phones while driving” Law.  My friend Romney is only to aware, what was that $250.00 and a lecture?  But I got to say, something is amiss here in this “going to shit fast” state of ours.  I see lots of people driving while on their phones, but; I see SOOOO many more cops driving while on the phone. Our fearless leaders, stalking the streets in their cruisers gabbing away on their cell phones….. What is that?  If anything aren’t police supposed to be setting a good example?  Maybe the next time I see such display of disrespect for the LAW, I will have to bring the hammer down.  I should fallow the “violation in progress” officer until he stops at the doughnut shop and then make a citizens report.  My own citation!  I would be all cool like and slide on up to the drivers side door and then loudly clear my throat, “Excuse me officer, can I have your license and registration please.”  But, then because it’s me undoubtedly my bra would start ringing, because that’s where I store my phone when I am talking on the phone while driving.


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