The next morning

I hate waking up after a night of drinking, I hate the way I feel.
 I hate the desert that has now taken residence in my mouth.
The soreness in my bones makes me wonder, “How old are you?”
The smell of sweetness that escapes my pores makes me want to puke.
My looks are shot and I have two small pieces of luggage that now reside under my eyes.
I feel like I may vomit, if I move to fast and yet at the same time I want a feast.
I want a big, fat, greasy, mixed protein pocket of fat to soak up all of the fluids that didn’t stop the desert in my mouth.
I want a big glass of OJ and another alcoholic drink to wash it all down with. 
I want someone to gag all the children in the neighborhood, “tell them someone has died”
I want the Police, ambulance and fire trucks to ban the use of their sirens for just one day. 
Let the cooking only be done with Tupperware.  No metal against metal, no loud tea pot whistles. 
Someone make the lights just a little bit softer.
No wait forget that, let’s just turn the lights off,   let’s shut all the curtains and close all the blinds.
Put the dog in the yard when he tries to bark and turn the TV on mute. 
I will not be taking calls today. I will not be excepting visitors.
Don’t even expect me to speak today; the sound of my own voice is bound to be too loud.
I will be laying here on the couch waiting for the nausea to stop.  
Leave me be for now and I will see you at the bar tonight.


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