Not good in a crises

I am in utter aw of people who can successfully handle and repair a situation during a crises.  I have the most respect for Doctors, Fire persons, Armed Forces and random people who contain this strength.  This ability to keep your cool and not freak out, is in itself an accomplishment.  But, to then be able to direct a course of action that might change the crises in a positive way,  I find that extraordinary.  It is a talent, a skill that I don’t have.  There by making me even more impressed. 
I can recall 3 times when I was faced with some small crises, nothing like War or Hurricanes.  Just little incidents, once my ex boyfriend set the backyard on fire because he knocked over the Bar-B-Que.  I couldn’t move.  The fire was staring to spread and all I could think was “holly crap the back yard is on fire” There was a fire extinguisher next to my knee and I couldn’t even fathom what to do.  
Then one  time when I was 12, I was riding my bike up a busy road by my house.  When suddenly I heard a loud noise. And when I looked up, I saw a truck and a van slam into each other and then the van literally flew up in the air from the force of the impact and landed with a huge BOOM just to the left of me!  Then started rolling in my direction.  I just stood there frozen,  I couldn’t move.
When I was in college, I had a daycare kid choke on an ice-cube and even though I had taken CPR and First Aid like 5 times.  All I could do was just stand there,   I couldn’t move.  I am the bird who sees the storm cloud coming and even though all the other birdies have gone, I am still on the wire scared to death.  Not moving. 
So yes, I admire greatly the people in the world who have the ability to simply move in a crises.  But, to save someones life, or to direct people like me in such a way that keep us safe…  I thank you.  I would be lost without you.  Thank you!


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