Another Strange Day

Today I went out to the coast with a friend of mine.  We had a great time and some equally interesting moments.  We had to stop and get some Fish and Chips, because let’s face it, when in Rome….  While eating our Beer Battered Fillets we were hit on by a man with a very hard ass.  He looked like he had been mountain biking since birth and since he admitted to us that he was 70; you can only imagine how good his legs looked.  A part from filling him in on what we were doing and what happened in these parts; my friend and I were fine to let him be on his merry way.  Luckily the ancient biker took the hint and left.  But left behind an impression on me as being a very strong and confident man who likes to enjoy life to the utmost.  I was actually very impressed with him and had I been maybe 25 years older I may have flirted right back. 

When leaving this majestic ocean side town we passed a woman who was pushing a baby stroller on a gravel path.  Normally I would flinch at the idea of this because strollers and gravel suck!  But, I was at complete Aw of this woman for more than the fact that she could maneuver child and carriage on hard terrain.  She was also wearing 3 inch black high heels and a mini skirt dress.  The outfit seemed somewhat ill-suited for the occasion.  Especially considering it was 3:00pm on a Thursday.  But, after being shocked by her appearance I was immediately struck with the Aw, because I can barely push a stroller in gravel.  I almost have to walk at a 90 degree angle to get anywhere and I can’t walk in heels to save my life. I have fallen on my ass for no reason at all, in flats,.  You can only imagine what heels might do to me.  I think heels and I think, “Shit that is just farther to fall!” If that lady was me  I would have been on my ass in 5 minutes.

We stopped in the same town as the MILF and got some gas.  When I was looking around at the scenery I spied a sign that said, “Sushi and Burgers”.  Really? Sushi and Burgers?  No…..  Really?    So, I tun to my friend and she just laughs and says, “Hey LoLa what do you want for dinner?”
“Burgers” I reply
“I feel like Sushi” She answers.  “Hey I know, Let’s go to Sushi and Burgers!”
We laughed and then I was scared, because honestly, I do not trust ethnic restaurants that specialize in more than one Ethnic genera.  Something is amis here,  Either you are good at Sushi or you are good at Burgers… Can you really be good at two totally different ethnic food groups.  Oh well it was a normal day in LoLa Land.


Road Trippen by Red Hot Chili Peppers

This is such a great song and of course it’s about where my heart resides.


Road trippin’ with my two favorite allies
Fully loaded we got snacks and supplies
It’s time to leave this town
It’s time to steal away
Let’s go get lost
Anywhere in the U.S.A.

Let’s go get lost
Let’s go get lost
Blue you sit so pretty
West of the one
Sparkle light with yellow icing
Just a mirror for the sun
Just a mirror for the sun
Just a mirror for the sun

These Smiling eyes are just a mirror for

So much has come before those battles lost and won
This life is shining more forever in the sun
Now let us check our heads
And let us check the surf
Staying high and dry’s
More trouble than it’s worth
In the sun

Just a mirror for the sun
Just a mirror for the sun

These Smiling eyes are just a mirror for

In Big Sur we take some time to linger on
We three hunky dories got our snakefinger on
Now let us drink the stars
It’s time to steal away
Let’s go get lost
Right here in the U.S.A

Let’s go get lost
Let’s go get lost
Blue you sit so pretty
West of the one
Sparkle light with yellow icing
Just a mirror for the sun
Just a mirror for the sun
Just a mirror for the sun
These smiling eyes are just a mirror for
These smiling eyes are just a mirror for
Your smiling eyes are just a mirror for

First loves Passion

You were larger than life today, my first love.
You roared towards me
like a stampede of horses.
The earth shook from the force of you.
It made me shudder with anticipation.
I closed my eyes and waited for your power to engulf me.
Drenching me with your forceful touch,
mesmerizing me with your strength.
Wind whips my hair off my shoulder
as you near me.
I can barely stand as you take me to you.
slamming me against the stone wall behind me
Pain from its jagged side stabs my back
but I don’t care.
you devour every inch of my skin with ease and delight.
sucking the sweetness from my pores.
Unable to move under your control,
I relinquish.

By LoLa

Beyond My Reach

I come to you and you smile a little smile
vulnerable and even closer to you I wait.
Hoping for your touch and the certain chill that will come with it.
Standing vigilant, you stare at me,
still escaping my reach as I try to grasp for you.
My desire for you builds,
it tortures my heart and radiates my womb.
I cling to the idea of what could be
if you were within my reach.
Heading towards the sun I plead silently for your return.
My chest quivering from deep muffled sobs,
The pain of seeing you go again is too much to take.
Each time, I feel a break in my heart,
shards  from the explosion I felt when I first saw you.
I reach out for you once more.
But, you remain just beyond it.

By LoLa


Do you ever get that random floater in your drink?  You know that little particle of something that floats around in your beverage and you have no idea what it is?  You start looking at it and you haven’t taken a bite of anything to eat, so what can it be.  Did something fall from the sky? Did something shoot from your nose or somebody else’s?  How do these random particles find their way into my drink?  Of course I think I do what any other normal person would do.  I become fixated on the floater in my glass and no matter what is going on I have to get it out.  This starts the 20 minute finger dive fest, where I dunk the tip of my finger countless times into my drink in hopes of capturing the floater before it does some sort of irreparable harm to my drink.  Never once thinking about the fact that the tip of my finger probably has way more germs on it then the floater.  And why are these little floaters so damn elusive.  They always appear to be floating near the top of the surface and yet no matter how many times you dunk your finger into the coldness it still only comes out wet.  When looking back into the glass you realize the floater has eluded you again.   At last I just give up, and usually I am forced to dump out the rest of my drink because I will be damned if I am drinking something that I have no idea what it is.  Secretly, I am pissed at the floater and my act of throwing the fluids away and not consuming the floater is my way of punishing this pesky particle from ever entering my body.  This is how I ultimately gain control over this annoying situation…. I know, I’m a freak!

I am a Domestic Goddess

I am a domestic goddess and not for the reason you may think. I am not a good house keeper, everything is dusty and old. There is so much clutter everywhere that it seems futile to bother moving things to dust.  The kitchen I am sure has several scientific experiences going on in it, at this very moment. But ask me if I care.  I would vacuum if I was given some guarantee that I would not see something else that needed vacuuming as soon as I have put the damn vacuum away. The windows would be cleaned on a regular basis, because I do love being able to look out of them. But, can anyone tell me that there is not some Bird council that looks for such clean windows. All in hopes of using said window as target practice for the flock?  What about the dishes, why the hell would I bother with those?  Every single time I wash them, SOMEONE USES THEM AGAIN!  What is that?  It’s washed, it’s clean, leave it alone?  I have this exact same problem with Laundry, why when I wash the clothes are people so hell-bent on making them dirty again?  And don’t get me started about the Crusty panties that are left inside the pants all in hopes that I will be the one to fish them out!

These domestic chores they suck the life force out of me.  I hate them!  All of them.  There is not one domestic chore that I enjoy doing.  Hell even paying the bills usually leads me to some sort of emotional breakdown, requiring a box of kleenex and a strong sedative.  So, why do you ask am I, of all people a Domestic Goddess?  It’s a good question, I find that sometimes doing these chores of domesticity are far more enjoyable when I am naked.  Maybe sporting a little lace panty and sexy top, I blast the stereo with my latest favorite female singer and get busy.  There is something a little provocative about vacuuming in the buff or folding laundry in a G-string.  I know woman who like to wear garter belts to work even though they are a pain in the ass, it makes them feel sexy.  I think my Domestic Goddess behavior comes from this origin, I think it all comes down to doing any thing to feel sexy.  Not to mention that when you splash water on yourself while doing the dishes, you don’t have to deal with a wet shirt all day.  Your skin is water-resistant.

My Man

He came into my world when I was spirited, I was light.
and then the darkness came.
Surrounding me in coldness and pain.
When he was near all I saw was sunshine.
I saw my future with him and it made me smile.
He stood before me beautiful and kind
Trusting me completely, he never looked back.
We  have held each other into our future, which  is now
Always holding me tight when I lose my way.
Inside his embrace is my home.
The smell of him are my memories
and the sound of him is my song.
All of our dreams and memories are shared.
Our lives all enter twined
He is my love, my care, my heart, my pain.
He is the first thing I see and the last thing on my mind.
His happiness is what I want
and to spend the rest of  his life with him.
Happy Birthday! I love you.

By LoLa

Hotel Question?

I am sure I am not the only person to see Oprah’s show on Germs. I distinctly remember them discussing one woman’s house and how she had feces on her dining room table. Which still makes me go, “Hummmm, yuck!” Then there was the part about hotel rooms and what are the nastiest germ infested items you would find in a hotel room. They said that the things you need to watch out for are the bed-spreads, TV remote controls and the phone. They suggest when staying in a hotel it is best to both hide these items and never use them or to clean them off with some sort of distinctive wipes or cleaner. I can only imagine just how gross these items become after countless people travel through the rooms, always using them and never being cleaned. While in college Biology we swabbed random items in the city and brought them back to class to look under the microscope. Out of ALL the 60 swabbed items the most germ infested swab, with multiple live bacterial present was from the public telephone ear piece. It was crawling with all sorts of active fungi’s! I have to imagine that this is exactly what the hotel phone earpiece must be like.  All of these things I have learned in my life lead me to one question.  Knowing all of this, what do you think is living on the phone that resides in the hotel bathroom?

Hotel bathroom with phone.

Bed Issues

Normally when I sleep, I sleep in a California King bed.  And I love my big, comfy bed so much it is my favorite place to be.   Usually when I am on vacation I sleep like total shit because no bed is EVER as comfortable as my bed.  But, this vacation has been a bit interesting, because all the beds My man and I have been sleeping in while we have been gone have been comfortable Queens.  I used to have an issue with sleeping in Queens with my man.  I used to get so damn hot I could hardly breathe and we were both so big I could barely move, hence buying the King.
Surprisingly this vacation being shoved into a Queen beds with my man, has been nice. I can actually tell there is someone in bed with me. If I get cold all I have to do is just roll over and he is there to spoon with. At home when I get cold it is never so easy. I have to pull out a map and figure out if I should go east or west? Do I roll 2 times to the west and then once to the south?  All of this in hopes that I just may find my man. If I feel like spooning I literally need to get out of bed, put on my hiking shoes and make my way through the forest of dirty laundry to my man, because this is easier than trying to find him while still laying in bed. Half the time I feel like I am sleeping alone.  And on those occasions when My man wakes up in the middle of the night longing for me. And he reaches out for me, he usually only finds piles of blankets and pillows, which I have thrown off of me at some point.  And if he  is determined enough to keep searching for me, and is lucky enough to find me, I am so freaked out by the sudden movements to my side of mattress, I think I am under attack and try some Hidden dragon move in fear of my life.
I am starting to wonder if my Big California King is that great of a bed after all?

Wedding Rant

It all works out in the endI went with my sister yesterday to pick up her Wedding Dress at Demetrios in San Diego CA.  She told the store clerk that we would be there at 10 am to pick up the dress and shoes.  Demetrios was supposed to have the dress steamed and ready to go before that.  We showed up noon, totally frazzled by the upcoming wedding and getting all the logistics organized and everything ready.  The wedding is today and so everything HAD to get done.  We needed to pick up the dress and shoes, and take them back to the wedding site, do some more setting up and then go back home and get ready for the Rehearsal dinner.  We only had a couple hours and it takes a half an hour to get anywhere in San Diego, so needless to say we were stressing. 

When we got to Demetrios 2 hours late, Linda brought out my sister beautiful wedding gown and it was pitted with wrinkles.  It had obviously not been steamed.  My sister being the sweetheart that she is politely thanked the clerk and was about to take the dress, when I asked, “were you guys supposed to steam the dress?”

“Oh we did” replied the clerk

“It doesn’t look like it…”

“Oh that is the way the dress is supposed to look,” the clerk replies

Now I know it’s been a while since I was married, and I know dresses styles are different.  But, they should not look like something I just pulled from a bag. 

“Yeah, I don’t think this has been steamed.  It has WAY too many wrinkles on it.”  I announce.

The clerk getting irritated with me leaves with the dress to make sure it has been steamed. (Of course if she was so positive that it had been why did she need to check?) She comes back after like 5 minutes and says, “We steamed it for 2 hours already.  But, I did see something else wrong that I am going to have someone fix.  Why don’t you come back in a couple of hours?”

Finally showing signs of being mad my sister says, “We don’t have a couple of hours.  You can have one while we go to lunch.” And we leave.

When we returned in one hour, they brought the dress out to us and it still looked wrinkly but better.  Curious about the spoon full of bullshit that the clerk tried to feed us about there being a problem with the dress, I asked the clerk, “What was it that you had to fix on the dress?” 

“Oh nothing big, don’t you worry about it at all.” She replies

And all I can think is, you are so full of shit!  You knew the dress wasn’t steamed and that was your lame excuse to give yourself some more time to get the work you have already been paid to do done.  And what a stupid way to fix the issue, instead of admitting that they failed at their job they make up a lie  about there being a problem with the dress.   Because what bride, on the day before her wedding would rather hear there is a problem with the dress than, “Oh shit we forgot to steam it”!  Then my sister says, “And my shoes, I need my shoes”.  The clerk leaves again, this time she is gone for like 10 minutes, and we wait.  When she returns she says, “I am sorry but the shoes aren’t here and there is no way for them to get here before the wedding.  My sister now mad says, “You said you would call me if there were any problems with the shoes”?  The clerk says, “I’m sorry there not going to be here in time”. She never once acknowledges that she had promised to let my sister know ahead of time if there was a problem.  So, they refund my sister for the money on the shoes and we leave!  Now it is 3pm, the rehearsals at 5pm and we need to suddenly go shoe shopping.

Small note when my mom saw the dress she immediately took it to a local cleaner where they assured her they could actually steam it.  This is me saying, if you are getting married in the San Diego Area, think again about using Demetrios

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