Are you Visual?

I want to talk about men and women and one glaring difference between us. It seems to me that men are visual and women are feelers. I recently borrowed a phone from a male  friend and there must be at least 30 pictures of naked women on the phone. And I am not just talking about boobs or full naked body shots. I am talking spread eagle, vagina shots. There are so many pictures of other womans vagina’s that I now have a complex about my own vagina! “Is this what I should look like?”  Like a hairless clam, that’s been cooked to long? I don’t think my friend is strange or weird that he has all this porn on his phone.  He is not the only guy I know who enjoys the visuals of a woman.  Especially one who can securely hold a Nerf football inside her and then let it come shooting out of her orifice when the time is right. I think men really do find pleasure in these pictures. It seems to really help them get to that happy place we all go to, but never discuss.  I truly believe that a man can look at these images and with a bit of coaxing get off! 
But, women we’re just not like this. Of course we see a good-looking man and we get a little feverish. Just the other day while walking the park with 2 other married woman. A sweaty, tall, bronzed man with tight pecks came running by and every single one of us lost our breath for just a moment. Contemplating throwing ourselves down in front of him with a sudden injury. But, we weren’t all instantly ready for sex.   Seeing him was like turning a light on, but we still need to be danced around the room.  It’s the little things that get us going, rubbing our feet or shoulder.  Taking our hand when we start to cross a street.  Kissing us when we least expect it.  Telling us we look beautiful even when it’s obvious we haven’t made an extra effort in our appearances.   We get turned on gradually, with every little gesture a man makes, we become a little more heated.  It does not start in the bedroom, or with the sight of a naked man.  Don’t get me wrong, I like the sight of a naked man, I like it just fine.  But, I could easily see a naked man, admire his beauty, thank him and walk away.  I would probably have a bit of a grin and a bounce to my step, but: I would not be horny.    Turning woman on is complicated, if you want to do it right.  It is a compilation of all the little things a man does that tell us we are the one he cares about.   For example, when a beautiful woman walks into a room and your man is the only man there who doesn’t stop speaking and start to drool at the sight of her.   Instead, he appears not to notice and stays completely engrossed in what you are saying, that is man who going to get me going.  So, how do we do it?  Men and women are so different and yet we depend on each other (most of us) to give us the passion we long for.  And yet the passion for each of us seems to come from a different directions, and yet we still keep trying.  Of course the trying is so much fun……


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  1. Emily
    Sep 03, 2010 @ 15:37:07

    I think women are visual as well. Only the visions are internal. Visions from inside ourselves, or projected from other selves, we see, we see too – and yes I agree with feelings… therefore we see with our feelings. Perhaps all senses are one? They ultimately invoke sensation.


  2. mark
    Sep 03, 2010 @ 17:25:08

    your right LoLa! intamacy is paramount but i beg , youve got me wrong… sexy women are sexy no doubt but sexy isnt the women on that pervs phone:) they are just happy reminders of women he will never have and so what, the best are the ones he can be close to(sounds kind of gay, but its true)i would take a ” less beautiful woman” in a heartbeat if i truly loved her.. now that gets a full hard on in a second, more than chicks bathing together or whatever


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