Bunko Brain

I have just coined a new term, “Bunko Brain”.  Bunko Brain is a certain minefield that you want to try avoiding simply being a visitor of.  It is always best to completely submerge yourself into a “Bunko Brain” rather than skip around it as a willing bystander.  And this is usually because being around 12  “Bunko Brain” woman for a long evening can feel much like being the keeper at the zoo.  “Bunko Brain” consists of a number of different factors, you have the elements of 12 different women all in different stages of their lives.  Each of them dealing with their own drama’s, hard ache, joys and challenges at the same time.  Each of them having different feelings about even being at Bunko and being with all the other woman.  You then need large sums of alcohol to help mix the remaining ingredients. Which are a  couple of menstrual cycles, good food, prescription drugs and then make sure there are no kids.  All of these things mixed together preclude the “Bunko Brain”.

The “Bunko Brain” is a very fascinating and humorous thing.  It is amazing just how the “Bunko Brain” works or rather doesn’t work.  Crazy things tend to happen when your mind becomes clouded with the Bunko toxins.   Woman of all ages will revert back to their youth performing silly rituals that are only familiar to frat boys.  A prime example of this would be the  “Bunko Fire Drill”.  The Fire Drill is when one unsuspecting Bunko Babe will go to the bathroom and the rest of the ladies jump up from their various seats and run away.  It is quite a sight to see I am sure. When there is a mass exudes of woman stampeding through someones front door and hurling their bodies behind various front yard bushes.  All in hopes of not being caught by the totally unaware  “Bunko Brain” in the bathroom.  And then we wait.  We sit outside (usually) laying in wet grass laughing our ass’s off and trying not to pee our pants, all the while trying to figure out which of the woman we are even playing this game on.  Then we hear the poor bathroom beauty open the door and yell, “YOU GUYS?!  Again!!!”

Or there are the random acts practical jokes that come with each new months Bunko.  Things like changing every single clock in one womans house to different times.  Steeling someones shoes for a month in hopes of taking random pictures of them in different settings around town.  Or leaving greasy butt prints on sliding glass doors for unsuspecting husbands. 

Basic house cleaning maintenance that is normally not difficult to perform especially for most of the Bunko woman, become increasingly difficult.  Things will be spilled and it will take  3 woman 30 minutes to figure out how to clean it up.  Or heating up bread in the oven becomes a fire hazard when the person suffering from “Bunko Brain”   forgets to take the plastic off the bread first.  Ash trays are accidentally mistaken for glasses of wine.  Or there is the chip and dip issue, you keep dipping broken chips into an almost empty jar of dip, and you chip keeps coming up empty, but you have dip all over the outside of your hand.  It still never occurs to you that you could simply spoon some dip out on to a plate and reach a better chip to dip ratio?

 This is the bunko brain and it’s  fun, it’s a fun, fun thing.

some items to make "Bunko Brain"


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