“Save the Surfers”

I want to take a moment to discuss surfers. I spend a lot of time thinking about surfers, so why not take a moment to discuss them? I think surfers are one of those types of animals that we should take care never to let go extinct. They are a gift from the heavens, so by all means lets protect them. I think one of the best and most swift things we could do to help save these blessed creatures is to get them out of the wetsuits that are all black. Why are we letting them go out into hostile territory looking like seals? Tasty littles morsels  for any Great White that might be trolling for some fresh meat. Will someone please design a line of wet suits that scream with bright annoying colors. Let’s do a survey of sharks to see what color they like the least and then make a line of wetsuits that corresponds with that color. Start campaigning with me now, “save the Surfer!” or “Just say No to Shark Food!”. We could sell the wetsuits all over the world and save all the beautiful surfers. Leaving them at peace to perform their playful acts in their hopefully unpolluted environment.
One final thought on the beloved, “Save the surfer campaign”,  we should take care not to use too many glittery or multi colored pieces of fabric. We don’t want any other sea life to mistake our beloved surfers as a Rainbow Fish.


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