Mental Rolodex Songs

I love Music, always have and I always will. I love how some music no matter when you may hear it, reminds you of another time. I’ll be driving in my car and some Dolly Parton song will come on the radio and I think of my Nana. I am suddenly 7 again, sitting with her in a motor home watching the Dolly Show, while she chains smokes cigarettes. When ever Sinade O’conner, George Michaels or UB40 comes on the sound system; I think of some of the men I have spent time with in my life and I am instantly young and in “giddy school girl love” again. Hanging out somewhere in my parents house making out with one of them.
I love that music can not only bring back the memory but the feeling you may have had at one time. Whether I was sad or happy it doesn’t matter. Whatever emotion I had at the time when the music originally played, some how grounds itself in my memory.  And it’s this original feeling that I am suddenly hit with again.  It’s crazy to me when I think about why some songs stay in your memory bank and some don’t.  And you hardly ever know when it is happening that it’s going to be one of those “Mental Rolodex Songs”.   When ever I hear “Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone”  I always think of my sister who passed a few years back.  Because I found it comforting to listen to while she was dying.  And now I find it ironic, because it’s all about “She, being gone”.   Sometimes I will find myself entranced by certain songs and I will have to listen to them anytime I can.  This focussing on one song, can last a number of days and then I can go years without hearing it again.  I find it very ironic when I listen to it for days because I just like the beat and melody of it and don’t pay much attention to the words.  Then, inevitably at some point, I start to consume the lyrics and they always seem to have strong similarity to something going on in my life at that point.  Sometimes the lyrics can help me find my way?  I Love all of these things, I love having doorways to  my past, thrown open on their own.   These are the things I like about music and the fact that I can DANCE to it!!!!!!


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