Wedding Rant

It all works out in the endI went with my sister yesterday to pick up her Wedding Dress at Demetrios in San Diego CA.  She told the store clerk that we would be there at 10 am to pick up the dress and shoes.  Demetrios was supposed to have the dress steamed and ready to go before that.  We showed up noon, totally frazzled by the upcoming wedding and getting all the logistics organized and everything ready.  The wedding is today and so everything HAD to get done.  We needed to pick up the dress and shoes, and take them back to the wedding site, do some more setting up and then go back home and get ready for the Rehearsal dinner.  We only had a couple hours and it takes a half an hour to get anywhere in San Diego, so needless to say we were stressing. 

When we got to Demetrios 2 hours late, Linda brought out my sister beautiful wedding gown and it was pitted with wrinkles.  It had obviously not been steamed.  My sister being the sweetheart that she is politely thanked the clerk and was about to take the dress, when I asked, “were you guys supposed to steam the dress?”

“Oh we did” replied the clerk

“It doesn’t look like it…”

“Oh that is the way the dress is supposed to look,” the clerk replies

Now I know it’s been a while since I was married, and I know dresses styles are different.  But, they should not look like something I just pulled from a bag. 

“Yeah, I don’t think this has been steamed.  It has WAY too many wrinkles on it.”  I announce.

The clerk getting irritated with me leaves with the dress to make sure it has been steamed. (Of course if she was so positive that it had been why did she need to check?) She comes back after like 5 minutes and says, “We steamed it for 2 hours already.  But, I did see something else wrong that I am going to have someone fix.  Why don’t you come back in a couple of hours?”

Finally showing signs of being mad my sister says, “We don’t have a couple of hours.  You can have one while we go to lunch.” And we leave.

When we returned in one hour, they brought the dress out to us and it still looked wrinkly but better.  Curious about the spoon full of bullshit that the clerk tried to feed us about there being a problem with the dress, I asked the clerk, “What was it that you had to fix on the dress?” 

“Oh nothing big, don’t you worry about it at all.” She replies

And all I can think is, you are so full of shit!  You knew the dress wasn’t steamed and that was your lame excuse to give yourself some more time to get the work you have already been paid to do done.  And what a stupid way to fix the issue, instead of admitting that they failed at their job they make up a lie  about there being a problem with the dress.   Because what bride, on the day before her wedding would rather hear there is a problem with the dress than, “Oh shit we forgot to steam it”!  Then my sister says, “And my shoes, I need my shoes”.  The clerk leaves again, this time she is gone for like 10 minutes, and we wait.  When she returns she says, “I am sorry but the shoes aren’t here and there is no way for them to get here before the wedding.  My sister now mad says, “You said you would call me if there were any problems with the shoes”?  The clerk says, “I’m sorry there not going to be here in time”. She never once acknowledges that she had promised to let my sister know ahead of time if there was a problem.  So, they refund my sister for the money on the shoes and we leave!  Now it is 3pm, the rehearsals at 5pm and we need to suddenly go shoe shopping.

Small note when my mom saw the dress she immediately took it to a local cleaner where they assured her they could actually steam it.  This is me saying, if you are getting married in the San Diego Area, think again about using Demetrios


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