Hotel Question?

I am sure I am not the only person to see Oprah’s show on Germs. I distinctly remember them discussing one woman’s house and how she had feces on her dining room table. Which still makes me go, “Hummmm, yuck!” Then there was the part about hotel rooms and what are the nastiest germ infested items you would find in a hotel room. They said that the things you need to watch out for are the bed-spreads, TV remote controls and the phone. They suggest when staying in a hotel it is best to both hide these items and never use them or to clean them off with some sort of distinctive wipes or cleaner. I can only imagine just how gross these items become after countless people travel through the rooms, always using them and never being cleaned. While in college Biology we swabbed random items in the city and brought them back to class to look under the microscope. Out of ALL the 60 swabbed items the most germ infested swab, with multiple live bacterial present was from the public telephone ear piece. It was crawling with all sorts of active fungi’s! I have to imagine that this is exactly what the hotel phone earpiece must be like.  All of these things I have learned in my life lead me to one question.  Knowing all of this, what do you think is living on the phone that resides in the hotel bathroom?

Hotel bathroom with phone.


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