Another Strange Day

Today I went out to the coast with a friend of mine.  We had a great time and some equally interesting moments.  We had to stop and get some Fish and Chips, because let’s face it, when in Rome….  While eating our Beer Battered Fillets we were hit on by a man with a very hard ass.  He looked like he had been mountain biking since birth and since he admitted to us that he was 70; you can only imagine how good his legs looked.  A part from filling him in on what we were doing and what happened in these parts; my friend and I were fine to let him be on his merry way.  Luckily the ancient biker took the hint and left.  But left behind an impression on me as being a very strong and confident man who likes to enjoy life to the utmost.  I was actually very impressed with him and had I been maybe 25 years older I may have flirted right back. 

When leaving this majestic ocean side town we passed a woman who was pushing a baby stroller on a gravel path.  Normally I would flinch at the idea of this because strollers and gravel suck!  But, I was at complete Aw of this woman for more than the fact that she could maneuver child and carriage on hard terrain.  She was also wearing 3 inch black high heels and a mini skirt dress.  The outfit seemed somewhat ill-suited for the occasion.  Especially considering it was 3:00pm on a Thursday.  But, after being shocked by her appearance I was immediately struck with the Aw, because I can barely push a stroller in gravel.  I almost have to walk at a 90 degree angle to get anywhere and I can’t walk in heels to save my life. I have fallen on my ass for no reason at all, in flats,.  You can only imagine what heels might do to me.  I think heels and I think, “Shit that is just farther to fall!” If that lady was me  I would have been on my ass in 5 minutes.

We stopped in the same town as the MILF and got some gas.  When I was looking around at the scenery I spied a sign that said, “Sushi and Burgers”.  Really? Sushi and Burgers?  No…..  Really?    So, I tun to my friend and she just laughs and says, “Hey LoLa what do you want for dinner?”
“Burgers” I reply
“I feel like Sushi” She answers.  “Hey I know, Let’s go to Sushi and Burgers!”
We laughed and then I was scared, because honestly, I do not trust ethnic restaurants that specialize in more than one Ethnic genera.  Something is amis here,  Either you are good at Sushi or you are good at Burgers… Can you really be good at two totally different ethnic food groups.  Oh well it was a normal day in LoLa Land.


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