Ode to the Old Halloween’s

Halloween growing up was always a kick in the pants at my house.  I had three other siblings and a dad who got totally into the holiday.  For several years we would take our front yard and change it into some sort of gross, haunted graveyard.  You would hardly notice the Sweet blue shutters that resided next to the windows.  The cherry tree in all it’s spring blossoms, would now, being that it’s fall; be a wicked, bony tree in which bodies were now buried under.  We had tomb stones and skeleton parts strewn all about the yard.  And we would stuff old clothes and lay them as if they were coming out of the graves.  One year we even tied a ball that was wrapped in a pair of pantyhose, to a stuffed body made of old clothes and old newspaper all scrunched up.  And we glued Boy Georges Face to the front of the ball and hung him from the tree.  (All of us had different music preferences, but; none of us liked Boy George.)

We would turn the lights off but leave the house lights inside on, to cast a strange golden glow over the entire seen.  And as the uncertain children would walk through the graveyard from Pop star hell they would never know if they should really be there.  And they would slowly creep up the front steps past the ramped assortment of cobwebs and spider; that only arrived just a few hours earlier.  They would shake as they reached out for our doorbell and then …..push it.  Suddenly the poor child would be bombarded with loud screeches and howlers of the four of us children being abused.  The sound would radiate the steps with our tortured screams. (All of this screaming was from a prerecorded tape of us kids. It was coming from a speaker hidden under a mask on the porch.  That my dad could turn on and off at his whim) And then as if the kid wasn’t frightened enough, my dad  would then open the door in some scary ass wolf mask and cape and jump out at the kid.  A lot of times all we saw was the back of their heads as they were running back to their mommies, crying.
We always had so much left over Halloween Candy each year, I wonder why?
It was just another day in LoLa Land


Stuck in Time

My Big Brother

Sitting alone in his white room, with his stiff white sheets to keep in warm
His tattered clothes with his name exposed and his room number on the arm

Trying to remember why he sits in his room or why he’s all alone
Grasping to find the steps he took that led him from his home

Wondering how long he’s lived in this place, overflowing with lost souls
Suddenly focusing on a coffee cup, and this is how it goes

Seventeen years he has been stuck in time, with no memories to give him hope
They will never invade whats left of his brain and this is how he cope’s

Counting the holes on the ceiling tiles in his cold, sterile  hospital room
Getting to thirty and forgetting what he’s doing, he starts his count a new

Looking around to see who he knows, but; not noticing anyone familiar
But the feeling he gets that he’s been here before, seems to him a bit peculiar

How old are his kids, where are they now, when will he get to see them again
unfortunately reality briefly sets in as he realizes time only stopped for him

The mirror is the only reminder he has of the pain he’s had through the years
The deaths, the births and the time he has lost have all flushed away like tears

He will never be the way he was, when he was young and had everything
Why didn’t he listen to us, when we told him to stop his reckless driving

Lost in his head for so many years what to do for him eludes all around
While he is stuck in time, we leave him behind and hope a miracle is found.

Song of the day, week, month?

I love this song so much it is one that makes me pause and breath everytime I hear it.

Please enjoy Nina Simone’s – Feeling Good!


Lyrics to Feelin Good

Birds flying high you know how I feel
Sun in the sky you know how I feel
Breeze driftin’ on by you know how I feel(refrain:)x2
It’s a new dawn
It’s a new day
It’s a new life
For me
And I’m feeling good

Fish in the sea you know how I feel
River running free you know how I feel
Blossom on the tree you know how I feel


Dragonfly out in the sun you know what I mean, don’t you know
Butterflies all havin’ fun you know what I mean
Sleep in peace when day is done
That’s what I mean

And this old world is a new world
And a bold world
For me

Stars when you shine you know how I feel
Scent of the pine you know how I feel
Oh freedom is mine
And I know how I feel


Anal Bleaching

Can we talk for just a second about Anal Bleaching…. I mean really? Anal Bleaching? What do you think they use to Bleach your asshole? What kind of chemicals are we telling people it’s ok to shove  in their  rectum? I wonder about the type of people who would be interested in Anal Bleaching. I mean what makes a person want to have this act performed on them.

I was thinking about what happens after the anal bleaching? Is it like when woman get fake boobs put in and then they want everyone to touch them, feel them. ” Do you want to see my new boobs?” They are always so proud of their newest expense. Do people do this with Anal Bleaching? I can see it now, my friend comes over for drinks one night, we start talking about our bodies and I say, ‘Oh by the way I had some anal bleaching done the other day”. I could then stand up, drop my trousers, turn around and bend over for her, “What do you think? Does it look good?”

If you get the Anal Bleaching done ( Can you tell I like to say Anal Bleaching) can you get like a scent added?   It could become like any local car wash.  We could simply walk up to a window and say, “Yes I would like the Anal Bleaching Supreme, which comes with the Super rinse of Filtered water, The High velocity wash with disinfectant soap and the Deluxe Bleaching spray in the end.  Guaranteed not to bleach my ass cheeks any whiter, because seriously I don’t think it can get any worse than it is…”  oh and, “How much is that?  Can I get a two for one if I use this coupon?” Oh “And can I get that with the new car scent added or maybe peppermint?  Nothing like a little minty freshness in your ass.”

Take Me

Hold me down
Take your time
I’m coming now
It’ll be fine

Kiss me there
Now, do it again
play with my hair
Don’t let it end

Your hands on me is all I need
Your tongue would be good too
I’ll fallow while you take the lead
loving me the way you do.

Glide your hands over my hips
Tease me, please some more
I beg you, part my lips
I want you in my core

Breathless groans escape me
as you ready me for the fall
You’re the only thing I can see
When my ecstasy comes to call

The Storm Came

My tears came to me today as a horrid storm
ripping me open from the inside and taking form

Showing itself as the monster I’ve always known
broken dreams and the pain I’ve seen, all mixed into one

Breathing in the last cool breath before the waves descend
trying to hold all oxygen, as my sanity begins to end

The torment hits, like a ton of bricks and knocks me to the ground
shaking me to bits, as my past escapes, changing everything around

Washing away all my hopes and my dreams
deluding the love I’ve known, the  sites I’ve seen

Pulling from my lungs in trembled groans
sounds of my happiness, turning to moans

My mind swollen by the pressure it can’t take
from all these memories I’ve tried to escape

Feverishly this storm washes over me, doing  it’s very best
it only took a part of me, the only part that was left

“Brake for Animals”

I think those people who, “Brake for Animals” should have big, bright, yellow cautionary tape all around their cars.  I don’t think that a little bumper sticker, at the edge of their broken bumper, that’s hanging off the back of their dilapidated, 1980 something Volvo, is going to cut it!    Because if that is the only outward sign that you have, that the hippy in front of you is going to suddenly slam on their brakes for the next squirrel that crosses their path…. IT IS NOT BIG ENOUGH!!!  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think we should be going around running over defenseless animals.  And I have felt really bad for the Possum, Skunk and cat I have accidentally turned into flat carcases squashed into the pavement.  Hell I even hit a deer once, knocked the crap right out of him.   I literally had deer poop and a piece of deer tail stuck to my, driver’s side door.  And I really felt very bad about that deer, really I did.  I felt even worse about my car, which was mangled afterwards and the for the fact that I had to pay for it all.  I can’t say I didn’t curse that stupid deer for hanging out on a 6 lane Highway in the middle of the night, without any reflective gear on, so I could see him.  I’m not bitter at all….  But, I tell you what, if I had seen that damn deer ahead of time, I still may have hit him.  Because slamming on your brakes in the fast lane of a major HWY, for no visual apparent reason usually does not go over to well.  

These “Brake for Animals”, kind of people are especially dangerous on rural roads.  And yet where do most people who are animal loving, tree huggers live?  Yep, In the rural areas….  Whatever, maybe it’s better than living in the city.  That could be really bad.  They would have to brake for every pigeon, every rat they see.  I can see it now, “Hey look mom there’s a cockroach! stop STOP!”  The Volvo Volkswagen bus stops to get a better look at the foreign specimen…  Woooow…. 

Whats even worse is when these people not only stop for the animal crossing but will hang out there for a while and watch the animals.  Today some lady did just this to me, she stopped us all for a squirrel.  Then as it sat in the road playing, the woman in her car just sat there watching. “HELLO!!! Wer’e on a road here, I’m sure if you move the squirrel will move too…”   I Imagined she was going to pull a camera out  so she could take a picture to send to her grandkids in Omaha.  Or get some binocularsout for a better look, because having the damn animal two feet from her car wasn’t close enough!  It was a cute squirrel though.
Just another day in LoLa-Land.

The Perfect Marshmallow…

Are you without a fireplace or outdoor fire equipment? Do you suffer from Marshmallow-envy of people who do have these things? You are in luck, I have a funny new “Single girl” behavior that I have started with one of my oldest, dearest friends. She has taught me how to roast a large marshmallow to perfection, in the confines of your very own home. What we do, is we get out the metal marshmallow holders you would take camping with you. We remove the wrought iron burner top from the gas range and we start the burner. Loading up our metal swords of joy with the magical puffs of sugar and we then begin to roast them over the open gas burner. Now this is what I never knew how to do before recently and it is what makes the perfect marshmallow experience. Try to never let the sweet puff of bliss catch on fire and if you do (which you will) blow out the flames as soon as possible. Once you have a golden bronze look around most of your marshmallow, gently pull the outer layer off of the end of it. Then you just pop that sucker in your mouth and it is bound to be the most delectable bite. A perfect combination of that crusty outer sugar shell that we all love so much and just enough of the melted mellow to warm your tongue. Once you have savored your bite and maybe even before, you can restart the heating process with whats left of your marshmallow. I can usually “burn and pull” one marshmallow about 4 or 5 times, if I am doing it right. I love this technique for so many reasons, it is tastier, you eat less because it takes longer to eat just one. But, the best reason of all; you don’t need to be camping or have a fire-place.
It’s just another day in LoLa-Land,


They sit alone in their separate rooms
shrouded in darkness of their emotional tombs.

All talked out and devastated
to tired to care, decimated.

He tried to show her he loved her
His feelings for her are still pure.

suffocating her with his constant need
As she imagines a life where she’s free.

Talking all night in a heated exchange
nothing was settled, nothing has changed.

Words remove themselves, as the hands invade
The desperation comes but, the pain doesn’t fade.

Trying so hard to make everything work for them
Feverishly grasping for that final orgasm.

Alone in their thoughts, exhausted and scared.
Realizing It’s gone, the love they once shared.

She dresses again and heads out the room
leaving him there in his dark little tomb.

Be Well

Be well my sweet
Sleep tight for me
In your arms I’ll be
While I dream my sweet

You say goodbye
You say hello
You say I’m missed
You say I’m not
You kiss me with care
And tease me with more
As you’re walking out the door.

Be well my sweet
Sleep tight for me
Thoughts of you I’ll think
While I dream my sweet

You say you care
You say you don’t
You say no more
Then touch me again
Pulling my hair
and slamming me to the door
That you just walked out of.

Be well my sweet
Sleep tight for me
I’ll try not to scream
while I dream my sweet

I wait for your entrance
I spin from your moods
Struggle with your pain
And sore from your passion
While I sing for more
not wanting you to go
fearing your impending exit.

Be well my sweet
Sleep tight for me
This pain is not needed
in my life my sweet
Be well.

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