“Brake for Animals”

I think those people who, “Brake for Animals” should have big, bright, yellow cautionary tape all around their cars.  I don’t think that a little bumper sticker, at the edge of their broken bumper, that’s hanging off the back of their dilapidated, 1980 something Volvo, is going to cut it!    Because if that is the only outward sign that you have, that the hippy in front of you is going to suddenly slam on their brakes for the next squirrel that crosses their path…. IT IS NOT BIG ENOUGH!!!  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think we should be going around running over defenseless animals.  And I have felt really bad for the Possum, Skunk and cat I have accidentally turned into flat carcases squashed into the pavement.  Hell I even hit a deer once, knocked the crap right out of him.   I literally had deer poop and a piece of deer tail stuck to my, driver’s side door.  And I really felt very bad about that deer, really I did.  I felt even worse about my car, which was mangled afterwards and the for the fact that I had to pay for it all.  I can’t say I didn’t curse that stupid deer for hanging out on a 6 lane Highway in the middle of the night, without any reflective gear on, so I could see him.  I’m not bitter at all….  But, I tell you what, if I had seen that damn deer ahead of time, I still may have hit him.  Because slamming on your brakes in the fast lane of a major HWY, for no visual apparent reason usually does not go over to well.  

These “Brake for Animals”, kind of people are especially dangerous on rural roads.  And yet where do most people who are animal loving, tree huggers live?  Yep, In the rural areas….  Whatever, maybe it’s better than living in the city.  That could be really bad.  They would have to brake for every pigeon, every rat they see.  I can see it now, “Hey look mom there’s a cockroach! stop STOP!”  The Volvo Volkswagen bus stops to get a better look at the foreign specimen…  Woooow…. 

Whats even worse is when these people not only stop for the animal crossing but will hang out there for a while and watch the animals.  Today some lady did just this to me, she stopped us all for a squirrel.  Then as it sat in the road playing, the woman in her car just sat there watching. “HELLO!!! Wer’e on a road here, I’m sure if you move the squirrel will move too…”   I Imagined she was going to pull a camera out  so she could take a picture to send to her grandkids in Omaha.  Or get some binocularsout for a better look, because having the damn animal two feet from her car wasn’t close enough!  It was a cute squirrel though.
Just another day in LoLa-Land.


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