Ode to the Old Halloween’s

Halloween growing up was always a kick in the pants at my house.  I had three other siblings and a dad who got totally into the holiday.  For several years we would take our front yard and change it into some sort of gross, haunted graveyard.  You would hardly notice the Sweet blue shutters that resided next to the windows.  The cherry tree in all it’s spring blossoms, would now, being that it’s fall; be a wicked, bony tree in which bodies were now buried under.  We had tomb stones and skeleton parts strewn all about the yard.  And we would stuff old clothes and lay them as if they were coming out of the graves.  One year we even tied a ball that was wrapped in a pair of pantyhose, to a stuffed body made of old clothes and old newspaper all scrunched up.  And we glued Boy Georges Face to the front of the ball and hung him from the tree.  (All of us had different music preferences, but; none of us liked Boy George.)

We would turn the lights off but leave the house lights inside on, to cast a strange golden glow over the entire seen.  And as the uncertain children would walk through the graveyard from Pop star hell they would never know if they should really be there.  And they would slowly creep up the front steps past the ramped assortment of cobwebs and spider; that only arrived just a few hours earlier.  They would shake as they reached out for our doorbell and then …..push it.  Suddenly the poor child would be bombarded with loud screeches and howlers of the four of us children being abused.  The sound would radiate the steps with our tortured screams. (All of this screaming was from a prerecorded tape of us kids. It was coming from a speaker hidden under a mask on the porch.  That my dad could turn on and off at his whim) And then as if the kid wasn’t frightened enough, my dad  would then open the door in some scary ass wolf mask and cape and jump out at the kid.  A lot of times all we saw was the back of their heads as they were running back to their mommies, crying.
We always had so much left over Halloween Candy each year, I wonder why?
It was just another day in LoLa Land


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