VOTE or Shut Up!

Do you think your life would somehow be better if someone else made all the decisions for you?  Do you think you would be more relaxed if you didn’t have to worry about things like choices and/ or rights?  I live in America where we have established through many long years of growth, that we are a democracy.  (So to speak) We try to always go with the choice made by the collective whole of our communities.  We do this by Voting!  And yet I ask you, how many of you Americans actually Vote? 

How many of you sit around in your comfortable living rooms realizing that is it Voter time and still not doing anything about it!  So many people bitch and moan about the state of our country.  No one trusts anyone who is in office, and no one seems to have faith in our system.  They feel that even if we pass new laws or put new people in office, no one and nothing is going to make a damn bit of difference.  I understand this feeling, it is one that I often share when fed up with the way things are.   But, If I stop voting, I stop making me voice known.   And there will always be people out there who have a different opinion on the subject who will go vote.  Who’s opinion do you think will become reality?   And I beg of you, if you live in America and you don’t vote, STOP YOUR COMPLAINING!!!  Seriously, if you don’t bother to take your right as a citizen to vote your choice then don’t bitch to me!  I don’t care what you have to say, or what great ideas you have.  If you can’t get off your ass once every couple of years to take advantage of your rights, then you have no business to talk.

Vote or Shut up!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Artswebshow
    Nov 03, 2010 @ 08:12:43

    We have the same problem in the uk.
    Most people just don’t seem interested


  2. Jingle
    Nov 08, 2010 @ 19:48:30

    people business is touchy.


  3. Jingle
    Nov 08, 2010 @ 19:48:36

    welcome linking in a poem to our potluck today, Thanks in advance!

    an award will be given upon participation this week.


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