Clicker Clapper

How many of you out there spend countless hours of your life looking for the remote controls.  I don’t care what it is or what you do with it.  If it is some sort of clicker, that starts some machine across the room, odds are you spend way to much time looking for it.  Well, I think this is ridiculous, why must we waste so much of our lives, especially really, really important time, like TV watching time, on these continual searches?  Why do we not do something about this tragic dilemma?  Well, I think I have come up with an idea…. I would like to invent the “Clicker Clapper”.  The  “Clicker Clapper”, is essentially any remote that one has, for anything they use, but this one will have a clapper built into it.  So, next time you are on all fours, with your ass in the air, trying to balance your weight on one arm as you bend over, desperately searching for the clicker; that has somehow managed to get lost under your bed and you can’t seem to see that black, plastic clicker through the dust bunnies and playboys.  With my new invention you could simply clap,  “clap, clap”  and the built-in clapper that I will be surgically implanting into the remote will start to clap back.  You could just keep clapping and letting it clap back until you find the damn thing.  No more looking under old News papers or searching through the trash to make sure you didn’t accidentally throw it away, only to find it in between the couch seat cushions.  No more angry texts to your significant other Asking them if the remote is still lodged up their ass.  Nope, all of these trials would no longer be an issue.  Think of all the ample spare time you will have?


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