Body Hair

What is the deal with body hair and our fascination with getting rid of most of it.  Who was it that decided that leg hair and armpit hair for woman was not part of societies norm?  Who decided that men should have hair on their heads. And that their chest hair and leg hair are ok, but back and butt hair are not?  Who decided that my vagina should not keep the hair that naturally grows on it.   That to be presentable, I must at least be able to wear a bikini in public and not worry about any strays popping out.  Why is it that we are ok with arm hair or finger hair?  I mean who’s to say those fingers couldn’t start to look quite a mess.  Hell,  We even trim the brows, the stash, the nose hairs.  To add insult to Injury (literally) we then spend all this money to do these painful acts to ourselves.  Why?  Why do we bleach, shave, wax, peel, and cut these elements off of our body.  Weren’t they on us for a reason?  Whether it’s to keep us warm, keep our eyes clear of dirt, or even help us hear better.  Why are we all so hell-bent on getting rid of it?  Wasn’t there a reason we originally had the hair in the first place? 
I propose a solution to our problems.  If you are really so concerned that you are willing to perform such torture on yourself, like going to a spa and having some woman who barely speaks english, look at your “holiest of holies” as she temporarily un-clothes it for the next few weeks .  Instead of this embarrassing experience why not try something a bit cheaper?  I would like to suggest the blow torch method.  It smells bad, this is for sure, but it is quick and can be painless if done right.  Next time you have some pesky, unwanted, unruly hair, just pull out your torch and burn the crap out of it.  As long as you don’t burn yourself, the hair will be gone and the skin will be soft and smooth. Don’t worry the smell will disappear after a few minutes.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jingle
    Nov 16, 2010 @ 15:56:26

    u r funny…I don’t pay much attention to hairs, except the hair on my head.

    we will have Thursday Poets Rally week 33 tomorrow,
    let me know if you wish to contribute a poem.

    place your link in early would help you a great deal in getting best possible feedback.


  2. bookjunkie
    Nov 17, 2010 @ 02:29:29

    Love this!! It’s such a pain for me too. The world is so sexist!


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