No good in the kitchen

I am just no good in the kitchen.  When someone asks me to help them with something while they are cooking, I will literally go into a cold sweat!  “Excuse me?  You want me to what to those onions? Cut them?  Um, with a knife? really? Do you think I can be trusted?”  Once I was unable to attend a graduation but could be at the party afterwards.  The people asked me to set up the food and get it ready.  I was in the bathroom stressing about it for about an hour before hand.  It took me 10 minutes and the help from a sweet aunt to get the oven turned on.  When I was in cooking class in Highschool I was the only one to throw water on a grease fire.  Yep! That was me.  Once I made pizza for my family, pepperoni pizza to be exact.  I had no idea that there was paper stuff on the outside of the pepperoni!  I thought it was part of the meat.   Once during a big deal meal I was in charge of the deviled eggs.  The recipe called for 1 tsp salt.  I put in 1 tbsp salt.  People were spitting those things out left and right. 

Don’t even get me started about electric stoves vs. gas stoves.  Me and electric stoves have NEVER gotten along.  I think it’s because i never know if the damn things are on.  There is no visual flame to remind me that it’s hot.  I have destroyed countless burners and teapots by turning on the wrong burner and waiting for food to start cooking.  All the while the empty teapot in the back,  that is sitting on the heating burner, is being scorched beyond repair.  I don’t know what it is, maybe I get to excited by all the things that heat and clean, that I just can’t function.  Maybe I get intimidated by all the scary things like food processors and  pasta makers.  What ever it is, I am completely out of my element while in the kitchen, unless of course I am doing the damn dishes.


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