Mall Massages

Seriously, Have any of you seen those people who are giving massages in the middle of malls.  They have about 3 different massage tables or chairs and they offer rub downs to people who are walking by, shopping.  I think it’s a great idea, really I do.  especially for those men out there, who hate to shop but will still go with their significant others, just to be with them or hold their bags or something.  I am sure for them being out of their comfort zones and being used as some sort of baggage cart, can be quite taxing.  But, today I saw an older man probably in his 70’s getting a butt massage at one of these tables.  A Butt Massage!  I am not even sure that when I am in the comfort of my Massage Therapists, quiet, serene room, that I have a butt massage performed on me?  Don’t get me wrong, I am totally onboard with “Buttocks Rub down”, but; in the mall?  Do you really think you could relax enough with a bunch of strangers and their kids walking by, staring at your ass?  I think every single muscle in my body including those in my butt would be so tense through the entire rub down that I would be in more pain when I was leaving, then I had when I got there.  But, to each their own, right?  I say, “Go get-em old man!  Damn the man, or the shoppers in this scenario.   Good for you, for not being embarrassed!”  Personally I don’t think I could do it.  But, you go boy.


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