Bullshit Meter

I swear I have a bullshit meter implanted in me somewhere.  I can see it coming at me a mile away.  Do people really think that they can do and say absolutely anything to you; have it all be untrue, and get away with it?  Come on, really?  Sometimes people will be feeding me the biggest pile of cow shit that I have ever heard and I literally won’t even be hearing what they are saying.  Because all I can think about is the crap that I see flying from their mouths.  As if they ate the backyard excrements for breakfast.  This bell will start sounding in my head and alarms will start to blare. I think to myself, ” Woo now, what is this?  What is this bullshit that this person is shoveling now? What did he just say?  Did he actually think I believe this crap?”   My line of sight to their soul is suddenly very clear to me and all I can tell is that they are covered in Crap.  Head to toe in feces  and half the time I don’t think they know.  I am not one of those people who is going to let someone spoon feed me a bunch of shit.  I have to call these people out, just out of principle alone.  Especially if someone is spouting off some religious rhetoric to which I should live my life by.  Sometimes I wish I knew more about things like religion and politics just so I could really put someone in their place.  Instead I wait patiently, listening to alarms and observing the pile of manure that stands talking in front of me.  I wait until something I know I can prove is absolute bullshit and then I go for it!  I become the tractor that is gonna take the pile of crap to pasture and spread it around.  I can’t say that i don’t find this ability enjoyable.  Not causing pain to another person, that sucks.  But, being able to put people who think they have the right to lie to others in their place, is always a fun thing.


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  1. Life: Between the lines
    Feb 07, 2011 @ 17:33:40

    lol lol lol hilarious and enjoyable read, happy potluck! 🙂



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