Diva Shopping

Some of my ladies took me shopping today. Santa never came through with the new jeans but, my mom and dad gave me a crisp bill and I went SHOPPING!  The ladies I decided to venture out to Shopping hell with are particular divas. They always look good. Hair is always perfect, make up is always stunning. Their clothes are always trendy and they always seem to accent their positives to a tee. So, I thought who better to take me out to spend my Parental units Christmas gift. You have to know I hate to shop, and maybe this comes from my First G-string experience? (to learn more about that search my blog for My first G-string) or maybe it’s because I have been fat for so long? I don’t know but, I do, I hate to shop!  So we get to this enormous Forever 21 store and my friends look me up and down, get my sizes and then they disperse. Like a flock of bees descending on their next crop of untapped flowers, they swarmed the entire store for things for me to try on. I wondered around amused, looking at all the lifeless garments hanging from the racks. They all seem to only come in medium. I would occasionally see some cute little ruffle thing that I just loved and I would pull it up and shout across the store, ” Hey Kel, what about this? Or Lex I like this what do you think?” And they would both give me the same response. There would be the slight tilt of the head, as if to say, “oh… she really should have been on the little yellow bus”. Then they would scrunch up their noses a bit and shake their heads “no”. I finally gave up looking and found a couple of pairs of jeans that were in what I thought was my size. I ended up buying 1 thing that I picked out and 6 things they picked for me. And this is why I bring the Divas Shopping.
Just another day in Lola-land


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