Chicks and Cars – Lesson #235 Water and Headlights

I was recently in a small car accident.  No big deal really as far as car accidents go.  It only took me a couple of days to feel normal again.  But, my poor minivan that I drove in to a ditch which has been in need of some serious TLC lately had to be sent to the Auto DR. and get herself a complete over hall.  When I went to pick up my both hated and loved ride,  I was notified of something that I had no idea about before.  Apparently, it is not good to have water in your head lights.  Now, I am sure if you are a man you are probably thinking, “DUH”.  But, sense I have absolutely no interest or knowledge of cars I had no idea that this was a bad thing.  For years I have had water in my headlights.  In fact my mechanic said that I could have actually housed some small fish inside my headlights if I wanted to, there was that much water.  I guess the metal behind the light is the reflective surface that the light shines off of and that is what makes your lights brighter.  When the metal gets wet it rusts and then your lights won’t work as well, It all makes perfect sense to me now.   It never seemed to make much since to me why I had water in my lights.  But they still worked, so: what did I care.  I guess I just didn’t realize the degree’s “Of working” there is in cars.  Because, Only one light was working and that one was barely bright at all.  And this ladies and gentlemen is why my poor minivan went off roading in the first place.  I had no idea where the road went.


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  1. Angela
    Jan 07, 2011 @ 09:52:55

    I hope you didn’t let them take care of that for you, as you can likely simply pop off the headlight cover & let it drain, get new lights to replace the old ones that no longer work, and pop the plastic cover back on yourself!!! All for the cost of the lights at Kragen…not $300/hr like the mechanic wants to charge!!! 🙂


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