The Bird

There were a whole lot of birds flying on the roads today and I don’t mean the live ones.  Birds were flying through windows and out the other side and there were no wings involved.  I was even assaulted by one myself.  I was trying desperately to merge onto the local freeway this evening and this chick in a Jetta WOULD Not let me on.  Then when I finally merge and of course passed her on her left and she is was flipping me off.  I had to laugh, how did she know I was number one?  But seriously, I had no idea why I deserved the finger?  What was I doing wrong?  Was it merly my action of trying to merge that was pissing her off so bad she felt the need to try to insult me?  Then when I got home I saw that my friend had a similar experience.  She had some chick share a lane with her and flip her off for honking.  And when they ended up side by side, the lady yells at my friend, “Fuck you!”   My friend said she looked so bitter that all my friend could do was laugh at her.  Which I guess was very confusing for this irate woman.  What is up?  Why are birds flying ramped around the highways? Why are people so bitter?  Or is it just the woman?

Just another day in LoLa-Land


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