Love of peers

knives stabbing at broken chests
one persons pain affects the rest

hearts pressed with suffering pain
all life’s hopes seem down the drain

freakish laughter between the tears
needing guidance from your peers

exhales of sorrow fog the air
everyone feels it, everyone cares

sympathetic nods, hugs and kisses
pats on the back, winks and well wishes

love for the sad ones and hope for their future
helping each other to see the big picture

support is abundant, love is abound
helping one another when their around

Sisters in friendship not in blood
Supporters to the end, that is love.


Wondering Mind

This poem is dedicated to Shawna – My old, new friend, I love you!

Can’t stop this mind from wondering
All I keep thinking about is you
I wonder what you’re doing
and if I’ll see you soon.

I try to stop this train of thought
I have too much else to do
I wonder how my heart got caught
with the likes of you.

You never reach for me
or even try to call
as I wait Impacientally
my hopes begin to fall.

I tell you I wish to see you again
You smile and say, “me too”
Then my free time starts and ends
without any word from you.

Wondering where you are
and what you might be doing
cheating is on my radar
effects on my heart unnerving.

Not sure what to make of it
all this time I waste wondering
It seems were ill-suited
this behavior isn’t like me.

I don’t like this person I’ve become
who sits and waits, wondering
How do I get out from under your thumb
to not care what you are doing.

I know I need to escape your reach
move onto something new
when your around, I loose my speech
my heart begins to swoon

I try so hard to stay on my feet
and not fall into your arms
you’re not always nice and sweet
you sometimes bring me harm

I walk away from you again and again
hoping you’ll let me go too
But I never want your calls to end
God know, I’m addicted to you

My Body Wants More?

My body is in rare form lately,  it feels restless.  I have been working out five days a week for about three years now and I love it.  I can both feel and see a difference in my body and in my energy level.   But here is the problem, after sitting all day at work or being stuck in the house all day.  I find my body gets really anxious by the end of the day.  I actually crave more exercise, more movement.  The last thing I ever want to do when I get off work is sit around at home.  I want to go for a hike or go for a bike ride.  But, of course these are the last of my priorities at the end of the day.  I so rarely have the time to be able to take such a break.  Would I be better off to do my exercise at the end of the day as opposed to the beginning of my day?  Or would I simply fall back into my old routine of making the excuses as to why I don’t have time to work out at all.  But, I fear that at this rate I will just want more and more physical action and at some point my body will just be miserable behind a desk and I will feel tortured having to do the day-to-day job.  When will it stop?  If I give in to my evening need for exercise would I simply only desire movement in the middle of the day aswell?  As it is I already have to stop what I am doing, get up and dance whenever a Blonde song comes on the radio.  Well I suddenly find the need to quit my day job and take up professional rock climbing?  What ever the answers are I don’t know?  But, I do consider these all good problems.


Feline Molestation

I am staying with some friends and they have a very kinky cat. At first I thought he was just sweet. Coming over to me, a near stranger, he curled up on my lap and started to pur. Then he reached his thick paw up to my chest and rested it on the top of my breast. I said to my friend, “Awww look at your cat.  He is so sweet, he is hugging me.” She looks at me and exhales her drag from the cigarette and says,
“Um, no. That is a Boob-cat. He has a thing for boobs. He will come up and claw at them, rest his head on them. Sit and stare at them.” I couldn’t stop laughing,
“your cat has a boob fetish?”  Then looking down at him resting so pleasantly on my lap. I realized that I was getting a little creeped about the idea that I was being felt up by a cat.
Later when I was sleeping, this Boob cat, who we all refer to as Psycho-Cat, comes climbing through my bedroom window. (Now he is the bedroom stalker boob cat!) He jumps up the foot of the bed and saunters slowly up my body. I knew he was on his way and I was actually a bit intimidated by him. He has this very authoritative energy about him and I have seen him get vicious for no reason (hence the psycho cat name).  He slowly climbed up to my chest and laid his body in the valley between my breasts and stared at me. Now, I felt even more intimidated.  It felt like he was trying to memorize my face or read my mind. Suddenly, Psycho, bedroom window stalker, boob cat starts to lick my face. And as nice as the sand paper tongue is for exfoliation, it occurred to me that he might think me a tasty lunch.  I had been still up until this point, but; I was hardly going to allow him to bite me. Pushing him away he looked a bit irritated. He repositioned himself next to my side, laid his head on my boob and promptly fell asleep. I had to laugh, I thought it was just a man thing, Being a boob guy.  But I guess it spreads all the way to the animal kingdom?  What ever, weird cat!
Just another day in the life at LoLa-Land

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2010 Summer Reading List

Sookie Stackhouse, the complete stories A touch of Dead
Finger Prints & Facelifts
His First Wife, Gracce Octavia
The promise of happiness, Justin Cratwright
Silk & Shadows
The Honey Thief
The marriage
Ya ya Sisterhood book # 3
The Other Boleyn Girl
Wishful Drinking, Carrie Fisher
3 book flower series by Nora Roberts
The Kept woman
Twlight book # 4
twlight book #3

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