Counting Stairs

Does anyone else out there like to count stairs?  I don’t know what it is about me; but, I like to count to myself whether I am going up them or down them.  Don’t get me wrong, though I do sometimes wonder if I am a bit of  a freak myself; I do not have to count out loud or move my lips when I am counting.  And I don’t have to do it every single time I go up or down stairs.  Usually it’s the ones that I use all the time.

I have no real reason as to why I count stairs but I have some assumptions. I wonder if I do it to cut the monotony of going up and down the same stairs over and over and over again?  What else do you have to do?    Then I wonder sometimes if I am expecting some sort of change in the number.  “13,14,15… hey where is 16?” Because then I would have to ask the obvious question that we would all have to ask, if there was 16 steps going up the stairs and only 15 coming down… “Who took the 16th step?”  🙂

sometimes I am fearful of climbing long staircases like those you would find leading to the observation deck of the Empire State Building.  Not because I am worried that I am too out of shape and couldn’t handle it.  But, because I would spend the entire climb counting the stairs. Just so I could  keep my mind off of the building pain in my butt cheeks and calves.  And then not only would I be in physical pain I would get a headache from trying to remember all of the numbers, 154873, 154874, 154875..  And then what happens if I LOSE COUNT?


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