The Gay Mans Girl

Flame Dame

I am just getting settled into the New York life and I have to say I love it to death.  I never thought I would like to live in a big city.  But, I could see myself living here.  I love all the hustle and bustle of it all.  I love the people and all the different villages.  I love the noise and the energy that comes from having all of these people in such a small area.  I feel so alive here.  I have been staying in Manhattan with one of my oldest and dearest friends and his husband.  And they have the most amazing friends.  And as usual being gay men, they are all just breath-taking.  I feel so lucky to be surrounded by beautiful men all of the time.  Even if they could care less about me in any romantic sense.  I told one of my new friends that I was enjoying the shit out of being a Fag Hag and he quickly corrected me.  Here is what he said.

“Oh honey you are NOT a fag hag.  See you need to understand the difference because it is bigger than you realize.  There are three levels to the Gay mans Girl.  The first level is the “Fag Hag”.   The “Fag Hag” is a lonely woman or virgin who has no love life of her own.  And this is why she likes to hang out with the gay boys.  The Second level is the “Fruit Fly”.  The “Fruit Fly” is a pretty girl who has no issues getting the men but she just likes to hang with the gays.”

 This is where I was thinking I was, level 2.  I just love to be with my guys and/or ladies and I don’t care at all what their sexual preferences are.  But, then this beautiful man who I so wish wasn’t gay said, “Then there is level three, and honey this is where you are.” 

Ok now I was scared.  I thought to myself, “oh god I hope he isn’t going to say level 3 is like some psycho homosexual chaser who can”t seem to find a life of her own!” 

He went on, “The third level is the “Flame Dame”.  The “Flame Dame” is a woman who the Gay man worships!  We aspire to look like her and we love to be around her.”  Then he proceeded to discuss the types of woman who fall in this category, Jaclyn Smith, Liza Minnelli, Marilyn Monroe.  I have to say this was going down as one of the best compliments of my life.  Because anytime someone puts me in the same category with Marilyn I am in love with them for life.  She is to me, the quench essential woman.  She eluded sex, power, and beauty.  And I think she had the most amazing body in the world.  If this wonderful Gay man thinks I am in the same category as these woman I am going to have to make him one of my brothers from another mother and keep him close to me always. 

I gladly accept the Level 3 “Flame Dame” status and I will do my very best to always keep it!


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