New York Difference

My life in NY has been so completely different from my life at home.  And as wonderful as it has been, at some point I know I need to get off of this Roller coaster ride and get back on the merry Go round.  I realize that it is a vacation and even if I lived here I would not be living the life I have led every single day for 9 days.  But, I started to think about the differences between my life at home and my live in NY and it is almost insane how different they are.

At home I go to bed at 9 to 11pm in NY I got to bed at 4 to 5 Am.

At home I wake from 5 to 6:30am in NY I wake up from 9 to noon

At home I will sometimes eat a piece of banana bread or have a smoothie for breakfast.  In NY I have a glass of wine. (at noon)

At home I am dressed (sometimes to impress) by 7am every day. In NY I can barely scrape my butt off the couch to shower at 1pm

At home dinner is ALWAYS at 6:30 and it is always well-balanced and usually home-made.  In NY Dinner is at 10pm or at 4am.  It all depends on if I can get my NY family to stop somewhere.

At home I have maybe a pack of wine coolers a week. In NY when the guys don’t have enough money to pay for more drinks, they just lick my arms and they can get drunk again.  (LOL Just Kidding)

At Home for fun I  am on Facebook or I watch TV.  In NY we watch drag shows and bad Kar-e-o-kee.

At home I have all my girlfriends in NY I have all my boyfriends. 

At home I drive everywhere.  Hell I will drive three blocks to the store.  In NY I walk everywhere.  I will walk 6 blocks to get to the subway. 

At home I spend hardly any money on any given day.  In NY I am going to have to prostitute myself before I get home.  Or I am going to have some serious explaining to do…. (Again kidding)

I could keep going but I feel like my point has been made.  I guess all I am in saying is that I have had the time of my life in NY.


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