Virgins or Sluts?

I was recently enjoying the company of several High school friends and their husbands. It was extremely late at night or rather very early in the morning. We were at Carrow’s because “Carrow’s cares”, enjoying a midnight snack and reminiscing what has been our lives since high school. Some of the ladies who have children of puberty age were discussing the problems their children face in regards to peer pressure. And I turned to one of my friends who had excused herself in Highschool from hanging out with myself and our friend. Because my other friend and I were starting to get into the things that ones parents try to discourage you from trying. We were both interested in the sex, drugs, cigs and booze. I told her I admired her for taking her own road and not feeling the need to judge us for our choices. I always respected her for standing to her high morals. At this point she started laughing and says, “yeah I just got knocked up and 17!” To this we all laughed. Then I sat back and realized that out of the four of us. 2 were so-called “good Girls” in highschool. Both holding on to both their innocence and their virginity as long as possible. And yet both of them got pregnant at 17. And the other two of us did almost all the things you are not supposed to do, went on to college, married and then had babies. What did we learn from all of this? “Let your children make the mistakes they need to make in life!” Because honestly, we all turned out just fine! And who knows which two of us did things more right by societies standards. All I know is that I don’t think any of us would change where we are now.


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  1. poetryroad
    Jun 28, 2011 @ 04:03:59

    I like your take on letting your kids experience life, mistakes and all. I have a 17 year old son. I am trying to do that. I figure it’s best he makes mistakes under my roof instead of the roof of the Frat house. I would rather have him fall and get back up using my hand to steady him. Thanks!


  2. lolamouse
    Jun 30, 2011 @ 17:00:41

    I think the key is not being judgmental. If your kid feels that you respect them and their choices, they will continue to come to you with their problems if they need to. If you try to control them, they will become secretive or oppositional.


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