Traffic complaints!

I hate traffic with a passion!  I feel like my electric magnetic energy is being forced to stay within the confines of the moving metal contraption I am sitting in.  And all I ever want to do when a car I am in is not moving, is get the hell out of it!  I feel like Michael Douglas in Falling Down.  I want to literally get out of my Non-moving-Moveable torture device and walk the rest of the way.  And now that I run a bit, I see how far I don’t go in traffic. And how long it can take me to go the few feet I do go,  I realize I could run there faster!  This is when I become even more angry.

Don’t get me started on the cars that have to always leave 4 to 5 car lengths between the car in front of them at all times.  IN STOP AND GO TRAFFIC? REALLY?  I get behind these polite idiots and want to literally run them off the road as I watch car, after car, after car pulling in front of them from the slow lane.  This is why I think the slow lane that has a lane merging into it always goes faster than the fast lane.  There is always some really sweet dip-shit letting all the cars in ahead of them.  literally causing the fast lane to come to a complete stop!  What is that?

Then there are the TAPPERS!  I hate the tappers.  These are the people who drive with one foot on the accelerator and one foot on the brake.  Their brake lights go off like every 30 seconds for about 1 second.  Just long enough to make you wonder what is going on up ahead in traffic.  It takes me awhile to realize I am behind a tapper, but once I do, I have to get out from behind them ASAP.  Or I will start to ignore the braking and end up slamming into them when they actually brake for real.

Sorry I just needed to rant for yet another minute.


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  1. Nicole
    Sep 11, 2011 @ 06:14:14

    Traffic drives me insane. Nothing gets me crazy like traffic. Nothing. I can’t stand it. Even for 20 seconds. I go nuts and stress myself out and start yelling like a nutjob in my car. Ha ha!
    That’s hilarious about the “tappers.” I despise them.
    Another thing I can’t stand is when I’m driving to and from work in rush hour (I take the back roads to avoid the clogged highway) and meet up with a pack of clueless minded people at every four way intersection with a stop sign. They don’t know if they should go or I should go or the person to their left should go. Two cars wind up going and stopping in the middle of the road at the same time.

    Great post. It’s something many of us can relate to.


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