My angels

The angles that watch over me
All they know is love

They protect me from the harm I seek
And keep me from passing on

My Angels have all been free
to love me  the way they do

They once encompassed a part of me
before they left, in search of you

I feel their spirits keeping me sane
Lightly they drift around my soul

They Cry without tears for my pain
They hold me when I’m cold

Their wings sore when I drive to fast
trying to leave them far behind

They always catch up, much like the past
guaranteeing me all is fine

Destructive thoughts they try to soften
while guiding me back to my home

I wonder if they will ever be forgotten
will I suddenly feel all alone

I love my angels for protecting me
I hope they will never go away

While their spirits watch over me
I will continue on the way.


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