Goodbye Insecurity

I’m sorry I’m not all you thought I would be
I’m sorry all you see are my insecurities

I know I have some, I always have
It keeps me from making others feel bad

But you don’t help me feel any better
I know your act down to the last letter

Making me feel so good about myself
Your sweet words were better than wealth

You said I was beautiful, you said I was sexy
At first, your words I could not believe

You gazed longingly and called me pretty
Taking away from me all my insecurities

With you I felt special, wanted and blessed
I thought we had something, better than the rest

How wrong I was in this assumption of mine
I didn’t want to see it, I tried to stay blind

The talks with other woman, their beauty, their sex
When I ask you about them, you look perplexed

Do you think I am stupid, do you think I don’t know
You can act dumb, but your nose is starting to grow

Woman we talk there isn’t a doubt about that
We all keep a file and baby your’s is quite fat

It says you get lonely, drunk and then sad
you find board woman who may be easily had

You call them sexy and beautiful, as you did me
And then stand them up and don’t even say sorry

Then behind their backs when they think you’re a friend
you call them Fatty’s and Scrubs to cover your sins

You are a man slut, a whore, a liar and a jerk
you toy with woman and don’t care who you hurt

if you hate us so much then why do you call
why is it woman you reach for as you fall

I would trust you, your words and believe what you say
if I didn’t know that you treated other woman this way

This is how you hooked me that fact can’t be missed
But it hurts you kept flirting even after we kissed

You told me, you loved me, from the very beginning
You just met me how could you love me, who were you kidding

I will do what you say, I will move on and raise hell
I am done with your games baby good-bye and be well!


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