Nana said…

Nana used to take care of me when I was younger.  She lived with us for a while and took care of my brother and I while my parents worked.  She was a crazy old gal… No really she was.  Nana was crazy!  But, she loved us with all of her heart.  I remember feeling like I really could do no wrong in her eyes.  Nana used to give me some really crazy advice and it took me awhile to figure out that she was a bit psychotic, because no one would talk about it.  But, I sat down and wondered what did I learn from my Nana and these were her lessons to me.

  1. Never pluck your eyebrows!  The hair will just take over or they never come back.
  2. Flour must ALWAYS be sifted first when using it for baking.. but then she couldn’t tell me why?”
  3. Never hang the wash to dry on the line by the bushes or under the trees, because you will get sap or ticks in your drawers.  (nana was from south Carolina by the way)
  4. Find a good man who will take care of you and you will be fine.  (hmmmm this one gives me pause to some deep-seated list of priorities that I have always seem to have)
  5. You can never use enough hairspray! This was evident in the ability to have her whole head move when you simply pulled on one strand of her hair.  I thought of it as Cobweb Hair…  It was all stuck together.
  6. Random hairs WILL  start to grow all over your body, and inch over night sometimes.  (sadly I am finding this one is true.)

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