Did you remember all of the essentials before you came to town?
You know,
Roadmap, gum, rain gear, straight Jacket, and your pepper spray?
Don’t forget to put the heart on lockdown before you get lost.
You never know when you will find yourself unprepared for a situation. 

Weathers a bitch in Singleville.
It’s a place where temperatures aren’t always reliable. 
You have to make sure you come prepared for all types of conditions. 
It can get HOT!  Hot, hot!
Please don’t plan on skinny dipping in the moonlight, every night.
The cold can come on quick in “Singleville”.  
Frosting over your windows, freezing shut your doors
Causing you to ask, “Am I really meant to be here?”

Traffic is sporadic  at best. 
You never know when it will be busy with singles almost crashing into you
Days will come and go without even a second glance from anyone
You may find lots of activity on the road
you may be delighted in all you see
You may see no one at all
Because this is Singleville and you never know what you will get

Welcome and please beware of all the broken singles
you may think they are perfect until you see the cracks that surrounds their heart
Like a very old plate that’s been placed in the dishwasher
be aware of the singles who are only out for themselves
Those old plates can be beautiful, seem perfect
but the cracks run deeper than you can repair

Welcome to Singleville……. ready?


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