Stuck in the Web

Spin me in this web of yours
Tie me up in your opalescent strings
Let your blackness invade my cords
From the notes that I try to sing

I am that little girl caught up in you
Frolicking in this field of yours
Because I have nothing else I’d rather do
I will stay here until it pours

You caught me here
You’ve tied my knots
Your web was clear
That’s how I got caught

You creep  towards me
Your countless legs never stopping
Your blackness is all I see
As my anxiety starts rising

I am just “the Prey” to you
I always saw you as something different
Your sneaky ways I hadn’t a clue
Like walking in the grass bare foot

What are your plans now that you have me here
Stuck in this invisible net of lies
Your intentions with me have never been clear
The closer you are the faster my heart rate climbs

Will you be keeping me here for ever, alone
Will you be eating me for lunch
Will you be wrapping me up in some kind of cocoon
What you are planing I haven’t a hunch

Take your steps if you will
Make your move now and move on
The torment is making me ill
All my hopes for love are gone

I relinquish in your binds
I give you all I have
Done being scared about the things that blind
Just get on with your wrath

I am stuck in your web
Trapped here for all to see
I will make it my new bed
Because you are now a part of me


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