Back Pain

I started this year off on the wrong foot, literally.  I was running down a hill on a bike path with my dog.  And I rolled my ankle on a rock.  I instantly switched to my other foot to support my weight.  So, I wouldn’t really hurt my ankle and what ever I did ended up hurting my back.  It has been 6 days and I am no better.  I have pain every single moment of the day.  It hurts to walk, stand, sit or lay.  I can’t exercise, I can’t play with kids or animals, I can barely work at my new job that I started on the 2nd.  I am a mess, and I am trying really hard not to feel sorry for myself.  But, tears roll down my face voluntarily when ever I try to stand up.  If you read my blog a lot you know then why I am about to make light of it all.  Because through all my pain I need to laugh, or I might as well just die.  So, here are some things to remember when you have an injured back.

1- Put your under ware on sitting down, because falling over just trying to get your leg in the hole never helps make you feel better.

2- Wear shoes that don’t make you stub your toe, because the jerk that you get that ripples down your spine  from almost tripping is an unbearable pain that is unneeded to say the least.

3- Make sure that the chair you have been trying to get your butt onto for 5 minutes  is not broken already.  Because once you sit down the damn thing could  fling you out, like some sort of “Cockpit emergency evacuation seat”.  Drop you to one knee with the chair on top of you, this can be both frustrating and painful.

4- Make sure you ask the person helping you for all your needs at once because if you wait until they have finally sat down to ask for YET ANOTHER thing, they may get mad.

5- Sit on the yoga ball at work instead of a chair, but keep yourself steady on it.  Because rolling backwards and falling into the window behind you can be dangerous and painful.

6- Make sure you have no small animals that could be  just hanging out.  You could  accidentally step on them and then they may get you back by leaving a fecal present for you at your bedside. 

7- NEVER DROP ANYTHING! Imagine you are in a prison shower or something….

8- If you are over weight at all and a woman expect people to think you are pregnant because you are walking around holding your hip or back. Or maybe it’s because you are waddling?

9- Don’t hold your urine for too long… It could either be a control issue during a spasm or the fact that if you are on your own it could take you a good 20 minutes to make it to the toilet.

10-  Then there is sex…. sex with back pain???  Well now that would need to be a whole other blog post.


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  1. Molly
    Jan 11, 2012 @ 12:19:43

    I have seen you manage this pretty well. I even recall you letting me know that you had ditched those under-loos altogether the other day! Here’s to liberation and getting that back healthy and good again…We can make sure the ball is nice and blown up for you k?!
    Thanks for sharing!


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