Psycho-Stalker-Boob Cat Attacks AGAIN!

That crazy Psycho-Stalker-Boob Cat is back to his old tricks again.  I was visiting my friends last night, the ones I was staying with the last time I had a moment with this cat.  He is their cat by definition, but  for the most part he just does whatever he wants.  This time he got my friend Emily.  Doing pretty much exactly as I described in my last post about him.  He got comfortable next to her and she found it sweet.  Then he started to poke and prod at her with his paws. This is what he has done to ALL of us, whether you are comfortable with this or not.  Like a pushy date he has to take it a step further and start to nudge on the breasts.   I am sure that all animals in our kingdom like to nestle in a set of soft bosoms.  But, it is more than that with this weird cat.  He stares you down as if you are his next prey.  Emily said, “he’s weird LoLa he like looks you in the eye and doesn’t blink.  He just stares at you like he is reading your mind or something. I swear I saw the inside of his eye change!”  I knew exactly what she was talking about because he has done that to me too.

Then my other friend Crystal she swears he is up to more drastically deeds.   She said, “Yeah he comes in my room and does the stare down on me and like five minutes later I fall asleep.  I think he hypnotized me into going to sleep!”  Emily and I laughed.  We both wanted to know if she was naked when he was getting her to fall asleep?

“You never know what he is doing to you while you are in his trance!  I would stay dressed.” I said

I think Crystal might suspect that the cat is one that might be able to steal people’s souls.  There are several stories about them,  Old Wives tales about not letting a cat sleep with children.  I have never felt anything but love or disgust from all of my cats.  They never made me feel like this Weirdo (Another name for the psycho boob cat). Like I was some sort of play toy for them. 

I think Emily and I are on the same page on this one.  We both think that there is spirit stuck in that cat.  He was either a rapist or he had an affection for tits. Maybe he is trying to tell you something when he gets up on your chest like that…?  They did mention that he will walk to the backdoor and sit there waiting for someone to let him out.  His mouth will be moving but he doesn’t meow.   He just sits there and moves his mouth as if he thinks he’s talking to them and they just don’t understand him.  He’s probably thinking, “Get up!  Let me out.  Open the DOOR!  Open the door…  Hello?  Do you not see me?  OPEN THE DOOR! I’ll pee right here!”


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