He broke up with you…..why?

I have had some of the most crazy break ups and fights with men.  I know that the male species thinks that woman can be irrational and dramatic.  But, I would like to point out some examples of men being well…. irrational and dramatic.  Here are some situations that have actually happened to me.

1- Once I had a guy I was seeing tell me to, “fuck off” and broke up with me because I cleaned my friends  house (Who I was living with part time) and not his.

2- Once I left a note for a man in his kitchen.  It said,” I am down at the dock and I would love to make out with you as the sun sets over the water. Grab a beer and come on down. xoxxo” He never came down. Finally I walked the 30 feet to the house only to have him rage at me that he had a long day and how he doesn’t appreciate being told what to do in his own home. 

3- One time I was texting with a lover and a friend of mine texted me with a 911.  The lover  proceeded to text me during the hour I was on the phone trying to get my friend to stop crying.  When I finally got off the line with her and checked my messages I saw that he had wanted to come see me.  He had asked if he could come kidnap me.  Then I got the, “Never mind” and  “Good night” .  I responded right away as soon as I read the texts, telling him how sorry I was.  He texted back an hour later with,   Be well”  and “he never wanted to see me again.”

4- I took a quilt home with me once from my boyfriend’s house because I accidentally spilled something on it and I wanted to have it cleaned.  When he found out I took it, he broke up with me.  I dropped it off clean the next day. 

5- I was hanging with some friends one night.  A nice married couple that I have known forever.   At one point I had a weird moment with my friend’s husband and it felt like he was coming onto me.  It freaked me out and I texted my boyfriend at the time to tell him about it.  He suddenly stopped talking to me after that and then broke up with me the next day.

6- I was fighting with a boyfriend once about the amount of time we were spending together.  And after not seeing him for a week and talking to him on the phone for maybe 10 mins each night.  I asked him when I was going to see him again and he said “Which night do you want?”  (As if he had woman lined up outside or something).  Then later he asked me “What is our Status?” and I replied. “I thought you were my boyfriend but one night a week isn’t going to cut It.” he replied with, “Too much girly… take care. Your middle name should be I want more!”

7- On Easter one year the man I loved asked me to his families Easter celebration.  I was happy to spend time with him and his family.  The day before he called me and said, “My mom doesn’t want you to come.”  I was upset obviously and I didn’t really believe him.  Later that day, I dropped the Easter gifts for his family off to his mom’s house.  And she said, “Why can’t you come over on Easter?”  When I confronted the man I loved about why he would lie he replied.  “I didn’t want you there.”  And when I asked, “why would you not want to be with the person you love?  Why would you want to hurt them?  Why would you purposely want them spend a holiday alone?” he answered with, “Get used to it LoLa you will be spending a lot of holidays alone!”  (By the way I still have not spent a holiday alone)

8- The absolute best break up of all time was when during the throes of passion one night with a man who I had fallen completely in love with.  I had just had an amazing orgasm and said, “I love it so much more when we are making love,”  This man apparently thought I meant, “I like you so much more when we are having sex!”   As if to imply that I only wanted him for his orgasms or something, when really I was trying to acknowledge our connection while making love.  He stopped talking to me the next day.  And that night was the first time he had ever told me he loved me.

(Did I mention that all of these situations happened with the same man?  Who is more pathetic here, him for being a complete asshole, or me for putting up with it?)


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