Could I be a Playboy?

Today my co-worker turned to me and said, “I could totally see you as a Playboy Bunny!”  I almost died laughing.  If I had been sitting on a chair I would have fallen off of it.  I was like, “YAH!  OK!  Dude, my dad ‘reads’ that”.  I was cracking up about just the idea of it.  We would need to get the wide-angle lens and use it on the horizontal if the photographer wanted a close up of my butt.  Or the photographer would have to get the panoramic lens out and shoot the frame at a vertical if he want to get all of my sagging breasts in the picture!   But, as scary as these thoughts were to me the next ones were scarier.

I drove home just after this conversation and I found myself in a  foggy day dream if you will.  Where I have suddenly become one of Heff’s girlfriends in my mind and I’m like Bridget living in the mansion.  I have use of the grotto and the chefs.  I can’t imagine anything nicer.  And then I think about Heff… he’s a little old for me (no offense Heff).  I am really bad at sharing; especially when it’s a man.  If I love you and you love me… I’m not sharing.  And I really hate little dogs!  And they seem to have a shit load of little dogs at the mansion.  So, these issues for me are already rolling around in the back of my head as some sort of “Early Warning deterrent”. 

 All the while I am imagining me doing the slip and slide naked, or swimming in the grotto naked.  And as hard as I tried to imagine my face on Bridget’s body I always get to where my boobs are supposed be and they aren’t perfect… they just AREN’T there!  They have fallen somewhere around my belly button.  Where I hoped to see Bridget’s beautiful butt I see my  Stark-White-Full-moon of an ass is blinding all with the suns reflection and this is when I woke up!  Anyway, it was an interesting drive home and I got a few good laughs.

Just another day in my life…. and no I will not post pictures.


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