Cold or Flu

I hate it when I am sick
I don’t enjoy it, one single bit

The pressure in my head
Makes me want to stay in bed

I hear pounding in ears, that already ring
“I’m dying!” are my fears “what can this be?”

My nose is chapped. but runny
How does that work? It’s not funny!

My body aches from morning to-night
I tried to get up but didn’t have the fight

My lips are so dry they have started bleeding
I can’t talk, my mouth is needed for breathing

I’m cold and I’m hot
I am tired when I’m not

My cough is killing my chest
My bodies being put to the test

Just lock me in my room, turn the tv on and leave
I feel like being in a tomb, just my cold and me

I am going to unplug and go to sleep soon
I’ll be back when I have finally beaten this flu


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