Do you look out or Down?

I remember as early as Junior High School knowing that there are two types of people in the world.  There are the people who look out when they walk and those who look down.  I have always been one of the people who look out.  I remember walking home from school one day with my BFF  and I got on her about how she was missing everything because she looked down all the time when she walked.  I said, “You just missed a hawk catch that little finch.  You don’t see the blossoms on the cherry trees.  You are missing out on life.”  I was certain at that young age of 13 that my way was  the better way.  I don’t miss out on life, I see it all.  I see things coming at me from miles away.  You will not find me stuck on a train track unaware of the up coming death. 

I’ve gone on in my life, either not thinking of this theory at all or remembering it when I see people looking down when they walk.  I would think, “Oh, there goes another foot watcher”, always sort of thinking that my way of looking at life was the better.  That was until I spent a  couple of wonderful days at the beach with another dear friend.  Every time we went to the coast she would find the most beautiful things.  She has found perfect shells, haunting driftwood, classic old bottles with corks.  One day I was honestly starting to feel a bit jealous.  I said, “I come to the beach like 3 days a week and I find something maybe once every six times.  Every single time you come out here with me you find the coolest things.  What is that? ”  She just giggled and shrugged as she stuck this huge piece of amazing driftwood in the back of my car.  She said, “I just see cool things when I walk.  They’re all over the ground you just have to see them.”  Then it occurred to me, “She looks down, and she sees it all”.  I never see the beauty at my feet.  I never find the little treasures around me, because I am constantly looking off to the future.  She takes each step with care.  She never gets hurt or falls, she sees what she has to deal with at that moment and prepares.  I am so busy looking out at the things around me I am constantly tripping and falling.  I am always unaware of the changing terrains of my life.

Which way is better?  I appreciate the people who look down even though I am still not one of them.  I appreciate their grace and wonderous finds.  But, I will never stop looking out.  If I did I would miss my beautiful waves, the birds that swoop in to catch a fish and the sunset that turns the water opalescent as it touches its glassy surface.  I am not prepared to miss that at all.

What do you do?


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