Dark Invader

She woke up in the darkness of the early morning.
To a weird sound, she thought it was pouring

She was disoriented, she was confused
She felt a bit lost, not sure what to do

Slowly she rose from the bed she laid in
Walking in the darkness to the bathroom

No lights were needed, she knew the route
Not sure why she was up,  she started to pout

Once inside she flipped on the light
Only to find there was nothing in sight

A cloud of grey was all she could see
It crowded every corner and hid the sink

Confused, she felt she must still be sleeping
It must be a dream, was she Sleep walking

She wondered what surrounded her
She wondered if she should get on the floor

She reached for the doorknob of the door she just walked in
She could barely see it, the blackness of the air was so thick

Back to the bedroom it was more of the fog
Her lover still lay in bed, out like a log

She could barely see him through the cloud
Her eyes started to water, her head started to pound

She tried to wake her lover but he wouldn’t budge
She turned on the light and gave him another nudge

He started to wake up, irritated with her
To him everything was just as unclear

Her nose was burning, her throat was in pain
As reality finally hit her and she looked for the flame

She ran to the front door and opened it wide
She turned back to see the smoke pouring out from the inside

It flowed like a river from the door frame to the sky
She was mesmerized by the sight of it circling up high

It danced with the clouds and played with the wind
The smoke poured out of the house never wanting to end

She begged her lover to just get out of the house
As he looked for the fire, it was the cheese and he was the mouse

Fear rose in her as she watched her dark invader waft away
That’s when she realized they could have died that day


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