The Banks Of America

The Banks Of America
Say they’ll be fair to ya

They will hold your hand
When you buy some land

Telling you it will all be fine
As they take every last dime

You get your bill and wonder why it’s so large
Were they going to mention the other charge?

How could they sell you this piece of pavement
When all of your money goes to the payment

You try to get help, ask them to reconsider
You try to save funds you fire the sitter

You drop all the extras the Cable, the Gym
You play the lottery, hoping you’ll win

You try to make money any way that you can
You sell things online, you come up with new plans

You beg with the banks, you promise you plead
“We’ll do anything just lower the payments please”

They tell you “We’ll work with you, don’t worry it will be OK”
“Don’t pay your mortgage, we’ll help you with your loan one day”

You jump through their hoops, you juggle, you sing
You perform for them, in hopes that they’ll see

You do what they ask, filling out books of forms
Time passes, and the sunshine turns to storms

Finally it comes the verdict is in
Sorry they say, “You didn’t win”

Your house is for sale, you need to move out
We don’t care if your sad, please don’t pout

Your credit is now crap there is nothing to do
We knew all along that we would screw you

We have sold your place for half of what you owe
Our insurance still covers us, our profits will still grow

If we start to fail, if our income drops too low
It won’t matter the government will help us float


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