Let’s Talk About This

Let’s talk about the weather
Tell me if it’s rained
Let’s talk about your health
Tell me if you’ve had pain

Let’s talk about your job
Do you think it will improve
Let’s talk about your friends
And all the stupid crap they do

Let’s talk about the kids
Were they listening to you
Let’s talk about your degree
Do you like it at that school

Let’s talk about all the stupid things
Things that don’t matter at all
Let’s talk about nothing Important
Whenever you take the time to call

Let’s not talk about how we really are
How we may actually feel
Let’s not talk about the things that hurt
Because then it would all be too real

Let’s not talk about the pain we have
We may bring each other down
Let’s not talk about what we don’t like
It’s a topic to tip-toe around

Let’s not talk about where we are now
Two different ships lost at sea
Let’s not talk about what we are missing in life
Or bring to light what we’re too scared to see

Let’s not talk about the truths
Let them stay under the rug and hide
Let’s keep all our conversations as fluff
It’s so much easier to just lie.

Let’s just stop talking all together
No sense in wasting our breath
Let’s talk about nothing
Anything but death


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