Leaving Again

There you go walking away again


I’ve seen this move so many times

I have the curves of your backside memorized


Your face is a Pollock painting


It looks beautiful from a far but your not sure what it is

Upon closer examination all you can see is chaos  on a canvass


Your almost a stranger to me


If I saw you walking down the street I’m not sure I would recognize you

I would have to turn you around to get a familiar view


Next time you walk back out my door


Don’t expect it will be unlocked when you try to come back in

I’m used to seeing you leave and I’m happy to watch you go again





I am spending a couple of days in the capital of California and sadly I am not impressed. I was expecting it to be cleaner and much nicer than it is. I am staying in downtown just two blocks from the capital building and five blocks from their conference pavilion. I walked to and from these locations twice yesterday and was shocked at how many times I smelt urine.
When I got to the pavilion I overheard some women from Texas and Connecticut talking about how they were scared to leave the hotel. I said, “but the capital building is only three blocks away don’t you want to go see it?” and they both decided they could take a cab there. Apparently they were both intimidated by the homeless people in the area asking them for money. The homeless in their area don’t ask you for anything. ( as I think of it when I was in NY I don’t think anyone asked me for money…)
I later went for a run and ran around the capital building which was beautiful but on the block back to the hotel I had some strange man decided to run with me as he discussed the virtues of my ass. Luckily I could run faster than him.
For dinner we ate at a really expensive but yummy restaurant that had out side seating and while we ate out quail eggs on steak the subway/train came around and had to slow down for some guy who was standing almost on the track. The train driver gets on his loud speaker and yells at the guy in sterio, “move out of the way DUMB ASS!”. It was quite the interesting ambiance for such a gourmet meal.

In general the people of Sacramento seem really angry and bitter. The men in suits are rushing around so stressed out they see nothing around them and the people around them are it seems strung out and starving. I don’t think I will be coming back anytime soon. As it is Sacramento seems very much like a big city trying to be a small town and it’s not working. As far as being a big city I think New York was far cleaner than here.


Irrelevant Dust Bowl

Didn’t we say we would always be friends
Did we shake honestly or was it all just pretend

We said we would be fair to one another
We said we would collaborate together

Our goal was to protect the earth
The process was like giving birth

We worked on the puzzle we perfected the look
It was our own conception and years is what it took

Our design became two units very much the same
With the same abilities and very similar names

But what started with love and healing in mind
Changed in you too “how much higher can we climb ?”

I thought we were here to save the earth and that was the goal
But you were after money and my hope is a irrelevant dust bowl


You are the ambassador of your dreams.
You are the manipulator of your own puppet strings

You control your own destiny
You can create all you need

This is your life and no one else’s
All you need to know is this

No one can bring you down but you
No one but you can control what you do

The future you seek can all be real
Your bound for all the joys you can feel

Believe in yourself and anything can happen
Believe in your worth, don’t ever give in

The energy you produce is yours to share
While living your life with love and care

You are the puppet master you control your strings
You alone can make yourself a happy human being

With Fingers crossed

When you said you loved me your fingers were crossed

You said the words but all the meaning was lost

When you said you missed me you were winking

As I tried to figure out what you were thinking

“Love” and “Miss” meant nothing to you

They’re something to say, like they’re something to do

Believing your words was a stupid thing

They left me unprepared for the inevitable sting

They left me hoping for a magical time

They made me think everything was fine

You said you’d would love me forever with your fingers crossed

All chance for decency was trampled, along with this heart you tossed.

Becoming a STAT

You looked surprised to see me
though you called me out, an hour before
You looked at me like I was just a dream
Some Angel that just walked through your door

It was sweet how happy you were to see me
It made me miss you just a bit more
But I was scared to death with all I could see
surprised you weren’t lying dead on the floor

It reminded me of another time
A time when death was taunting
He came out of a coma, he wasnt fine
The death in his eyes was haunting

As if someone came and stole his soul
Took over his brain and left him speechless
Death is now waiting for you at the door
The difference is, this is all your decision

You pour the poison into your body
You lay in wait in your own piss
For you life is just a hobby
And love is as easy as a kiss

You’ve been sick for so long you don’t even see it
You don’t recall what made you even start
All you care about is getting your alcohol fix
It’s your focus from dawn until dark

This stories been told before, it’s not a new song
This time was different because you looked near dead
How much can you take, you’ll be gone before long
Why can’t you release the demons in your head

I didn’t know what to do for you,
I still don’t know what to say
I want so bad to see you through
To see you make the change

I wanted to run away that day
I couldn’t bear to see you like that
I wanted to slap you into seeing things my way
Do you see your on your way to becoming a STAT?

Driving in San Francisco

I never know what to expect when I go to San Francisco. I never know if i should get a car or just try to find cabs while I stay. Because driving on the streets of San Francisco are exactly as they appear on every cops and robbers movie you may have seen based in Northern California. Apart of course from the bank robbing chase scenes with countless injuries and property damage involved. No, not that type of scene. But; I have crawled my way up some 90 degree angled hills, only to find a stop at the top. And my car will be looking straight up in the air. So; I can’t see if there are any cars coming in the any of the other directions. What I do know, is that I need to just drive. whether it is clear or not, because my car (even though it is usually a automatic) is starting to slide backwards down the hill, brakes-be-damned!

If you actually are able to maneuver the hills of San Francisco there are also the areas, for example, leading in and out of the city. Where you are literally doing a “Hale Mary” and praying that just by chance you will be in or near the right lane. Because if by any chance you need to turn right on the next block and you are in the left lane…. You can kiss that easy turn goodbye! The three lanes of traffic between you and that turn, not to mention 30 pedestrians, 4 bicyclists and a city bus. are going to ensure that you are not successful. Unless of course it is scripted and you are filming in the one of the movies I mentioned before.

If you are reading this thinking, “big whoop I would just turn left, or do a U-turn and go back” you better think again. In the ENTIRE city there are approximately ten legal left Turns allowed! All other streets are” NO LEFT TURNS!!!!! EVER!!!!” (OK slight exaggeration here) You will find yourself driving in huge squares just to get to one street that you originally started one block East of. That is how i successfully maneuver SF, I drive in Squares.

Another reason to maybe just get a cab is because no matter what…. DRIVER MUST CARRY CASH! If you aren’t paying a driver to drive. You are paying for PARKING. You have three choices.

One- You can park in a parking garage, if you can find one and you will likely pay about $25.00 for the whole day. But you will probably only be in that area for about two hours. BUt, you still have to pay the $25.00.

Two- You can look for a parking spot with a meter and IF you find one you better be prepared to have about $10.00 in change available for hour of parking.

Three- If you are truly blessed and you find a spot on a rare street that requires no parking pass and or meter payment. You better make sure you check out your surroundings because you want to make sure your car will be there when you get back.

What to do, what to do? It’s Just another day in LoLa-Land

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2010 Summer Reading List

Sookie Stackhouse, the complete stories A touch of Dead
Finger Prints & Facelifts
His First Wife, Gracce Octavia
The promise of happiness, Justin Cratwright
Silk & Shadows
The Honey Thief
The marriage
Ya ya Sisterhood book # 3
The Other Boleyn Girl
Wishful Drinking, Carrie Fisher
3 book flower series by Nora Roberts
The Kept woman
Twlight book # 4
twlight book #3

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