Driving in San Francisco

I never know what to expect when I go to San Francisco. I never know if i should get a car or just try to find cabs while I stay. Because driving on the streets of San Francisco are exactly as they appear on every cops and robbers movie you may have seen based in Northern California. Apart of course from the bank robbing chase scenes with countless injuries and property damage involved. No, not that type of scene. But; I have crawled my way up some 90 degree angled hills, only to find a stop at the top. And my car will be looking straight up in the air. So; I can’t see if there are any cars coming in the any of the other directions. What I do know, is that I need to just drive. whether it is clear or not, because my car (even though it is usually a automatic) is starting to slide backwards down the hill, brakes-be-damned!

If you actually are able to maneuver the hills of San Francisco there are also the areas, for example, leading in and out of the city. Where you are literally doing a “Hale Mary” and praying that just by chance you will be in or near the right lane. Because if by any chance you need to turn right on the next block and you are in the left lane…. You can kiss that easy turn goodbye! The three lanes of traffic between you and that turn, not to mention 30 pedestrians, 4 bicyclists and a city bus. are going to ensure that you are not successful. Unless of course it is scripted and you are filming in the one of the movies I mentioned before.

If you are reading this thinking, “big whoop I would just turn left, or do a U-turn and go back” you better think again. In the ENTIRE city there are approximately ten legal left Turns allowed! All other streets are” NO LEFT TURNS!!!!! EVER!!!!” (OK slight exaggeration here) You will find yourself driving in huge squares just to get to one street that you originally started one block East of. That is how i successfully maneuver SF, I drive in Squares.

Another reason to maybe just get a cab is because no matter what…. DRIVER MUST CARRY CASH! If you aren’t paying a driver to drive. You are paying for PARKING. You have three choices.

One- You can park in a parking garage, if you can find one and you will likely pay about $25.00 for the whole day. But you will probably only be in that area for about two hours. BUt, you still have to pay the $25.00.

Two- You can look for a parking spot with a meter and IF you find one you better be prepared to have about $10.00 in change available for hour of parking.

Three- If you are truly blessed and you find a spot on a rare street that requires no parking pass and or meter payment. You better make sure you check out your surroundings because you want to make sure your car will be there when you get back.

What to do, what to do? It’s Just another day in LoLa-Land


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