Happily Ever After

I wish to god they would stop putting this phrase into movies, especially ones that little girls grow up watching. I wish they would stop putting it in books as well because it is the most bullshit statement I have ever heard before.

Have you ever known any couple to live “happily Ever After”? Does true love, soul mates etc. actually exist? I’m trying to trace back through my life, thinking of all the couples I have known. I keep trying to remember one single couple who even after 20 plus years with one another still loved and adored each other like they did when they first met. I can’t think of anyone.
I’m not trying to sound like a Debbie downer but since the death of my marriage I have been very disenchanted with believing that you can stay “In-love” with one person for the rest of your life. Don’t get me wrong I believe in love. I have loved and still do, but the feeling of being completely In-love with someone and having that feeling for them until You die… I doubt it’s true.

I wish for it. I Would love to believe in it To think that such a thing could be a reality. That I could be smitten by a man so much that I would see no other the same way for the rest of my life. I feel like a silly child even writing about the want for such a thing, because it seems so ridiculous to me. I hope I prove myself wrong. I hope that true love that lasts a life time is a real thing. But it seems as ridiculous. Like saying “I hope there is such a thing as Cupid and his arrows!”


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