Morning After Bunco

Last night was another night of drunken debauchery  with my bunco ladies.  You would think after 7 years of playing bunco that I would have the sense not to over-eat or over-drink.  I think it has something to do with the fact that I get so inebriated that I tend to forget about any willpower I may need to NOT eat everything in sight.  My escapade in self torture and gluttony always lead to a “Morning After” that has me sick as a dog.  A headache from the excessive alcohol abuse and the feeling of wanting to vomit.   I usually foresee spending the better part of my day on the toilet.

Then I start the mental beat down, “Why?!! Why did you eat so much? Did you have to eat six brownies?  Did you have to have those last three shots?”  I sit for hours wondering what is wrong with me?  Why do I forget about all of my diet rules when I am at bunco?  It’s like I’m some kid in a candy store and I have $50.00 burning hole in my pocket.  I become obsessed with making sure I have sampled every fluid or solid that’s available, no matter what the consequences may be on my stomach or on my thighs.

As if the annihilation of self is not good enough, I then have to deflect my behavior on my friends.  It is suddenly their demon like behavior that brought such fat causing, vomit inducing items into my life.  ” I would never have eaten so badly if she didn’t make such amazing pastries!” or “well if she would stop bringing the cheesy garlic bread… then maybe I wouldn’t have to eat it!”  Because it so much easier to believe that my neurotic acts of over consumption are some how somebody else s fault.  Of course my friends don’t mind that I blame them for my misuse of their baked goods, because I don’t tell them about their fault in it all.  I just stay angry and bitter with them from a far and I don’t have to worry about them calling me out as the Whore for the Buffet that I am.


Oh well it’s just another day in LoLa-Land


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    Aug 18, 2012 @ 11:49:05

    I brought a veggie platter, not my fault!!! Lol!!!


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