I was a Sadie

At midnight tonight I will no longer be a Sadie. If you don’t know what a  “Sadie” is then you are not a Barbara Streisand fan like I am. Because anyone who loves Barbara, has seen all of her movies and would know what a Sadie is. Instead of making you sit through “Funny Girl” I will just tell you. A Sadie was the popular, beautiful girl on the block who was the first to get married.  All Barbara’s character wanted to do was to get married and like Barbara, I couldn’t wait to be a Sadie.  I was a Sadie for 4840 days.

I liked being married. I liked the feeling of security you get when you know someone else will be there for you when things get tough. My marriage was very much like this. When the going got tough for one of us, the other would step up to the plate. I would say that we were equally dependent on each other. It wasn’t always peaches and creme but we hardly ever fought with one another.  But, I’ve learned in this that sometimes it’s the silence the kills a relationships.  We do love each other, even now.  I think that comes from the years (decades) we have spent with one another.  I can’t imagine a life without him in it.

Now that I am fastly approaching “Singleville”  again and I have no desire what so ever in getting married.  It makes me wonder where that drive or desire, to be a Sadie came from? When I was young my Barbie’s ALWAYS got married (or they were getting ready to go on a date with the Ken she would eventually marry). I Loved movies like Grease and Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (can you tell I love musicals) because, I loved the endings.  The girl always rode off into the sunset (literally) with their man. Where I imagined, they got married, bought a house and had babies. I was in such a hurry to get hitched. I remember pushing my future husband and getting depressed thinking I  would never be good enough. I even put a date on my calendar and decided if he didn’t ask me before that date, I was going to leave him. Now I look at the situation and wonder WHY? Why was it SO important to get married? What really does that little piece of paper mean?  What was the rush?

Two people can love one another without being married.  They can be in a committed and supportive relationship, while living apart or together and actually NEVER get married. Do you think their love is some how less valid or honest because there is no license involved or a ceremony was never observed? I see now the stupidity in my thinking when I was younger. I see that I lost sight of what was important and that was our love for one another. I wonder if I would have walked away if he hadn’t of asked me by that magical date? If I had, would that have proven to me that it was not going to work out?


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